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I can’t believe I’m 8 episodes into my new podcast! Eek! In this latest podcast episode, I’m focussing on our mental wellbeing online and the danger of social media comparison.

Ever hit a significant milestone and felt crap about not being where you thought you’d be by now? Are you in your thirties and thought you’d be further along in your career? Perhaps you’ve been scrolling through insta looking at how amazing everyone else is and feeling like everyone else is “smashing it”? We’ve all been there, me included. Social media comparison can be so detrimental to our mental health.

Social Media Comparison…

In my industry, social media comparison is something I battle with internally often. It’s hard to not look at my peers and compare myself. It’s difficult to look at the latest collaboration or press trip and question “why not me?”, “why aren’t I good enough”. In all walks of life, I think this is something lots of you will relate to, which was why it’s the focus of this latest podcast.

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