If you’ve not listened to my podcast yet, why the heck not? Just kidding! You’re probably busy juggling a million things like me…I’ll forgive you. BUT, if you are someone who’s considering a career change, or leaving the 9 to 5 in favour of a more flexible working environment, or working around your new family, then you might want to give my podcast a listen. My 2nd episode delves deeper into my personal journey of leaving the 9 to 5 and how I got to where I am today…

Leaving the 9 to 5

It’s certainly not the easiest option, but it’s doable and I haven’t met many people who have left the 9 to 5 and have regretted it! And that’s the focus of Can We Have It All – hearing from real women who have done it and are doing it. My guests will be from varying backgrounds, industries and at different stages of their journeys, as I think it’s inspiring to hear and learn from those that are doing it now, (not just from those that have been making millions for years).

This episode, I delve deeper into my personal journey – my previous jobs and career path and then why and how I made the decision to step away from that, following being made redundant on my first maternity leave.

I talk about starting my own business, without a business plan and take you up to the present day.

If you missed episode 1 of my podcast, then do give it a listen as it’ll put it all into context for you.

If you’re considering leaving the 9 to 5 or changing-up your career, or perhaps you’re about to embark on maternity leave and not quite sure what the next step is, then do subscribe to my podcast as there’ll be lots of relevant chat and inspiration in the weeks to come.


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