5 Steps to Embrace Your Inner Woo Woo

This post is for you if you’re on the spiritual fence, if you’re not sure what spirituality looks like for you or if you’re borderline cynical… I get it, I’ve been there! But the truth is, everyone needs a bit of woo woo in their lives. So I’m gonna share with you 5 ways to embrace your inner woo woo… and spoiler alert… it’s really all about self-awareness!…

How to Embrace Your Inner Woo Woo

Here’s a summary of 5 steps you can take to embrace your inner woo woo…

  1. Let go of logic and tune into your gut
  2. Start small and be gradual 
  3. Stay open-minded
  4. Keep a journal
  5. Find some woo woo friends

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Now let’s expand on these 5 steps to embrace your inner woo woo.

But first let me say, that really, exploring your inner woo woo is all about becoming more self-aware and in tune with a different side of you. Self-awareness is the key ingredient to flourishing in life and reaching your vision of success – and how you become more self-aware is down to finding tools that suit you. Those tools may incorporate some woo woo… I know they do for me! Science and Psychology, plus a sprinkling of woo woo has been the recipe for my flourishing journey…

So on to 5 steps that might help you embrace your inner woo woo…

1. Let go of logic and tune into your gut

So one of the things that held me back from embracing my inner woo woo, was my logical brand kept kicking in! I tend to want to explain everything, find facts and have a logical explanation for life. But the older I’ve got, I’ve realised that sometimes, life isn’t logical.

In my thirties, I’ve gotten way more in tune with my gut (I’m a Generator with Sacral Authority for you Human Design fans) and now tend to listen to that before anything else. As I’ve gotten better at tuning-in, I’ve gone with the things that speak to me on a different level to my logical brain and I go with it.

So if you default to your logical brain too, I invite you to start tuning-in to your gut and let that lead as you explore embracing your inner woo woo.

2. Start small and be gradual 

Embracing your inner woo woo is not a race! It’s not a competition and it doesn’t have to take over your life. In fact, I find that starting small is the best way to embrace your inner woo woo. Enjoy the exploration. Pick up a pack of cards – perhaps a spiritual deck, a tarot deck or a manifestation prompt pack – and see which speaks to you. Have a play.

You don’t have to go all-in when it comes to woo woo – this gets to be your journey!

3. Stay open-minded

Embracing your inner woo woo is about keeping your mind open (remember what I said about stepping out of your logical brain a bit). Any journey of self-discovery is about opening-up your mind, seeing other perspectives, exploring new spiritual planes. Some tools will fit and some won’t and that’s ok – everyone’s woo woo looks different! So stay open minded. Give everything a bit of a chance, as you never know what will eventually speak to you! Being closed-minded will leave you left behind as those most successful in life tune into their inner woo woo.

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4. Keep a journal

Any journey of self-discovery should be documented so you can process through it. Journalling is one of my all-time top wellbeing tools that I truly learnt the power of when I studied Positive Psychology. It’s simple, yet highly effective. Essentially it’s like the good ol’ days of “dear diary”, when, as a pre-teen, you’d get everything out of your head onto paper – your deepest desires, your inner-most feelings and of course, your anger and frustrations.

Journalling is not only cathartic, it’s a great way of exploring your woo woo, as you can track, log and reflect on what’s working for you and what’s coming-up for you as you embrace your inner woo woo journey. There are some great articles and journal prompts over on the Flourish First App

5. Find some woo woo friends

And, finally, like with any growth journey in life, you need to find your people! Now this doesn’t mean dropping any of your mates you haven’t yet embraced their inner woo woo, or dumping your poor partner for a more woo-adopting upgrade! It just means, seeking the company and energy of those who are also exploring their inner woo woo. Not only will it make your self-awareness journey way more fun and interesting, it’ll give you a support network to lean on and learn from. I know that a lot of my inner woo woo has been informed and inspired by others – and I love having people in my life that I can have that conversation with, share tarot card readings with and stroke crystals with (lol).

So what do you reckon? Can you take on any of these steps of how to embrace your inner woo woo and start your woo journey from here?

Or perhaps you’re already on the journey and just needed a bit of reassurance?

Either way, I’m here for it! And can’t wait to share more of my journey, insights and tips with you here at Flourish With Holly. 


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