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Hopefully you’ve read about my podcast launch and I’m so excited to bring you my first episode: Becoming a mumboss. I wanted the first episode to set the scene, introduce myself and tell you about my personal journey of leaving the 9 to 5 after being made redundant on maternity leave. I really hope you enjoy it and that it brings some inspiration and mojo.

Becoming a Mumboss: How it all began…

In this episode, I’m interviewed by my good friend and #workwife Kat Horrocks – well, I say interviewed, we have a chat and she asks me about my experiences and how I got to where I am today and becoming a mumbossĀ (I’m still not entirely sure I like that term, but I do use it). I talk through some of the steps I took to start my business, the support I had along the way and what you can expect from my podcast going forward.

Can we have it all?

This is the thread running throughout my podcast episodes – that perpetual question us women ask ourselves. Family, friends, career, work-life balance, personal well-being. We try to juggle it all, forever spinning plates, forever feeling guilty, possibly unfulfilled…can we really have it all? Is it possible? That’s the question I want to delve into within each podcast and with all my guests. I hope you’ll come along with me and I hope it’ll offer you valuable insight and reassurance in whatever decision you decide to make for yourself.

Be a part of my podcast…

If you’d like to submit a question or discussion topic to be featured on my podcast, please email me atĀ [email protected] and include your name so I can give you a shout-out (or mention in the email if you’d like it to be read out anonymously). I’ll do my best to get through them all. It can be about becoming a mumboss, sitting on an idea and what to do next, time management and mojo tips, work-life balance, childcare….anything!


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