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Today’s podcast episode is a delve into one of the problems many of us entrepreneurs, bosses, mums face on a daily basis…Imposter Syndrome. I’ve heard that phrase mentioned so many times amongst my peers, who are all incredible, strong, talented women. But why does imposter syndrome keep rearing it’s ugly head? And how the heck do we get over it?

Imposter syndrome…

In the episode, I talk about what imposter syndrome is, my personal experience of it, as well as my top tips to combatting the darn thing! Because let’s face it, we’ve all felt that at some point haven’t we? (Men and women included!).

In the world of business, especially women-in-business and maybe even more so with mums-in-business – it’s important to share and support, to lift each other up. So listen-in, as you’re not alone…

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