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The Game-Changing Business Retreat in LA (Part 1)

At the ripe old age of 37, I can already look back at my life so far and identify some game-changing moments: a couple of experiences at school that shaped me, starting university, kissing my husband for the first time, my first job (and incredible boss), getting engaged, getting married, growing and birthing my kids… and… my first ever business retreat in LA!

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Flourish with Holly – Formerly known as HollyGoesLightly

It’s time for a glow-up! Introducing¬†Flourish With Holly, my re-branded personal blog, formerly known as HollyGoesLightly… I hope you’ll love it here.

What is Flourish With Holly & why the change?

Great question! I started blogging back in 2010 and created my HollyGoesLightly blog a couple of years later in 2012, which was the launch-pad for building a brand with absolutely no knowledge or intention of doing so. This is OG-blogging! When blogging was for the pure love, enjoyment and creative outlet that it provided. I blogged about weddings (back then I was a wedding planner), life and relocating from London to Manchester.Continue reading