23 more things to do with kids during lockdown
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23 more things to do with kids during lockdown

As we’re entering week 3426 of lockdown here in the UK, there are many of us parents who are struggling to keep our children (and ourselves) stimulated and entertained. CBeebies is creeping back in, every film on Disney+ has been watched and the ipads are hot with overuse…am I alone? I know I’m not, as when I put a frustrated, guilty, pleading post out on my instagram stories the other day, about 50 of you responded to say that you felt the same! What’s more, so many of you shared ideas that you’d been doing and so I promised to collate them all and pass them on. So here we go, here’s even more things to do with kids during lockdown…

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my weight loss and fitness journey before and after hollygoeslightly
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My Weight loss and Fitness Journey – Before and After

So I’m sitting here, a year after I started my weight loss and fitness journey, and I mean properly¬†started it, reflecting on how it’s actually gone. I mean, it’s that time of year where we all make and see a lot of new year’s resolutions, we probably all re-join the gym or sign-up to a new weight loss scheme… but how long does it ever actually last? Do we ever really see the results?

Well, if you want to see the results from a real, 30-something mum, who had a chat with herself about a year ago, then keep reading…

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how to start baby led weaning hollygoeslightly
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How to start Baby-Led Weaning

I’ve had a few requests for a post on how to start baby-led weaning lately, as I’ve been sharing some of our journey over on my instagram, so I thought I’d put something together that is based on¬†my personal experience of baby-led weaning, what’s worked for us and how we’re doing it right now!

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a doctor, a health professional or a baby-led weaning “expert”. I am a mum who successfully used baby-led weaning with my first child and is in the midst of it now with my second.

So let’s get started…

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