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how to choose the right tiles for your renovation mixed tiles
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Interiors: How to choose the right tiles for your renovation

It’s that time of year for spring cleans, clear-outs and renovations. Choosing new floor tiles or wall tiles for a renovation takes some consideration. A well-tiled surface is built to last and you could be living with your tile choice for a long time, so it isn’t a decision to rush. Careful planning and research is key to completing a home renovation that you’ll love, so it’s important to think about the following factors when choosing tiles for your home…

Where do you want to lay your tiles?

Different tiles are suitable for different purposes. Before you can begin a tiling job, you need a strong vision for where you would like your tiles to go and what effect you want to create. The tiles you’ll choose for a splash-back, border or feature wall, will be very different to those that would suit an all-over project.

And think outside of the box – tiles can be used on floors, walls, splash-backs, fireplace hearths and surrounds, around sinks, for design detail, on kitchen islands, indoors and outdoors…the list is endless – it all comes down to how experimental you are!

how to choose the right tiles for your renovation bold patterned tile
Bold, patterned tiles giving excitement to this kitchen.

Choosing the right colour

The colour of your walls or floors is one of the defining aesthetic features of any room. It’s important to co-ordinate wall and floor tiles, but many people forget that your tiles should complement everything else in the room. If you have a distinct colour scheme in mind, it’s easy to work from there. But if the space you’re working with features an organic mixture of colours and styles, neutrals are a safe bet. This doesn’t necessarily mean sticking to greys and beiges. Any muted colour with a grey undertone will work to bring colour to a space without looking disruptive. This includes a palette of dusty roses, mauves and duck-egg blues. It’s also wise to follow the conventional wisdom that brighter colours will serve to open a space, while dark colours add drama and atmosphere. But you know what, whatever goes with interiors, so be different if that represents you 🙂

how to choose the right tiles for your renovation indoor outdoor tiles
These tiles linking an indoor and outdoor space beautifully.

Sizing up your tiles

Choosing the right size for your tiles very much depends on the impact you want your tiles to have. If you’re looking to make a room appear larger with your tiles, the bigger the better. Small, mosaic styles are ideal if you’re tiling a surface that needs moulding such as a shower floor. Equally, if you want to create a seamless effect, large tiles with matching grout are perfect. To make a feature of the design of each individual tile, choose a smaller style with a contrasting grout. (People often forget about the fact that you can choose the colour of your grout and it can really make a difference to the finished result!).

how to choose the right tiles for your renovation green rustic kitchen tile

Ceramic vs Porcelain tiles

It can be hard to tell the difference between porcelain and ceramic and their manufacturing process is indeed very similar. But the two cannot be used interchangeably.

The difference lies in the materials used and the firing process. Ceramic tiles are made using generic clay baked to reduce water content. Porcelain tiles contain only fine white clay and are fired at a higher temperature than ceramics. This makes porcelain tiles harder, denser and less porous.

As a result, ceramics are an affordable choice for walls in low moisture areas. Because of their durability and water resistance, porcelain tiles are ideal for floors or areas that are prone to moisture.

Patterned or plain?

If you’re feeling bold, you may want to use patterned tiles in your plans. They’re perfect for adding character to a design feature such as a splashback or border, or for creating a designated ‘zone’ in an open space. Subtle patterns in muted colours can be used all-over to striking effect, but patterned tiles often create the biggest impact in isolated areas.

how to choose the right tiles for your renovation mixed tiles
These tiles bring interest & break up the space in this area.

Something a bit different?

I am so in love with parquet flooring and unfortunately, our budget just couldn’t stretch to the real thing during our initial renovation. However, this doesn’t have to mean it’s not possible to achieve that amazing parquet effect…even with tiles! Look how amazing and authentic these ones look…

how to choose the right tiles for your renovation parquet tiles
You can mimic other materials with clever tiling, like these parquet tiles.

Considering these factors is an important first step to feeling motivated and ready to see your renovation through. The right tile choice can give any space an instant lift, and really bring the different elements of a room together. Using these guidelines will ensure you find the perfect fit for you.

jord wood watch hollygoeslightly 10
in Lifestyle

Not enough hours in the day with JORD wood watch

**[Gifted-Ad]: This beautiful watch was gifted to me by Jord. I feel very lucky and one of the amazing things about being a blogger, is getting to discover brands you’ve never heard of before. So, as always, I wouldn’t write about it if I didn’t genuinely love the brand and think you guys might like it too!**

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll hear me talking a lot on my stories about time or lack thereof! As a working mum of two, I run my own businesses and therefore maternity leave this time round was non-existent. Instead, I was back to work with my 2-week old baby and he comes everywhere with me: to meetings, events and coffees. I wouldn’t have it any other way but I have never been so fixated on time as I am now, purely because, there just isn’t enough hours in the day!

Jord Wood Watch

A day in the life of me…

jord wood watch hollygoeslightly 9

Being a “mumboss”, the juggle is real! I find I have to slip effortlessly from mum, to content creator, to CEO, to wife and back to mum again – sometimes all within the same hour!

An average week day for me looks like this:

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unisex babywear matalan baby hollygoeslightly
in Lifestyle

Unisex Babywear – Matalan Baby

**[Gifted-Ad]: Matalan kindly gifted me some baby clothes, which I’ve decided to photograph and write about as I’ve shopped at Matalan for years, but didn’t realise they did such lovely baby clothes. So thought I’d share…**

When we had our daughter 3.5 years ago, we didn’t know whether we were having a boy or a girl and being the forward-thinking, progressive mother than I am, swore that I’d only dress my baby in unisex babywear either way. The whole pink/blue thing was old-fashioned to me. I myself, have never been a fan of pink clothes and I enjoyed picking out lots of grey, yellow and white unisex babywear.

Now obviously, when we had a girl, we were inundated with little dresses (often pink) and less gender-neutral baby attire. And of course we loved these just as much as the unisex items we’d chosen ourselves. I mean a little baby girl in a cute dress is just too much! However, of course our personal style comes through when we shop for our kids doesn’t it? I see myself as a feminine woman but not a “girly-girl” when it comes to my personal style – I love wearing dresses, but can mostly be found in jeans, jumpers and UGG boots/flats. So our daughter’s wardrobe probably reflected my own (and I love a bit of twinning!). There have been more than a few occasions where I purchased clothes for her thinking that our next baby would be able to wear them too, boy or girl.

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