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hollygoeslightly is back
in Lifestyle

Lifestyle and Travel Blog – The revamp!

Did you know that I started blogging about 13 years ago and that HollyGoesLightly blog has been going for over 8 years? This is the 527th post (apparently) and after a bit of a blogging hiatus due to lockdown/pandemic/homeschooling, it’s back! My lifestyle and travel blog will be undergoing a bit of a revamp… nothing drastic, just a bit more focus!

hollygoeslightly is back

A lifestyle and travel blog

I’ll be honest with you, when I started blogging all those years ago, there weren’t that many lifestyle bloggers – so it was fairly easy to carve myself a space here on the internet and even on the gram. Lifestyle content was appealing and it encompassed a great many things… thats what I loved it!Continue reading

in Lifestyle

Am I too old to do a Masters?

Am I too old to do a Masters? Am I too old to be a student? I’m a parent, can I really fit a Masters in? Is it really possible to study a Masters in your thirties?

These are all questions I asked myself before I took the plunge and submitted my application to study a Masters in Psychology last year. Because I run my own businesses, have 2 kids under 5 (one of whom is still at home with me 2 days a week) and have been fairly heavily sleep-deprived for 5 years, I chose to study a part-time Masters in Psychology. I also decided that distance-learning would be the best option for me, as I needed something flexible to work around me, my businesses and the kids. And because I have an undergraduate degree, but in a different field, I opted for the Psychology Conversion Masters. This essentially means that you pack in a Psychology undergrad and Masters into one course… intense!

So what’s it really like? Read on and I’ll tell you…Continue reading

in Italy, Travel

A day in Pisa during Covid-19

Okay, so the award for worst travel blogger ever goes to… me! We enjoyed a day in Pisa during Covid-19 back in July and it’s taken me this long to get the vlog up… I’m sorry and I will do better next time.

Phew! Apologies out the way and I hope you’ll watch my litte vlog (maybe with a glass of Vernaccia or Chianti in hand) and enjoy it! I created it for two reasons really: 1) I want to show those that are nervous about travelling after Covid-19 outbreak, that it can be done and 2) Because I adore Italy and I want to, in my small way, support their tourist industry, which has suffered a huge knock this year…Continue reading