Business Plans – do we really need one?: Podcast Episode 6

In this podcast episode, I’m focussing on an element of business that can often put people off taking the leap to working for themselves…business plans!

What do business plans look like these days? What should they include? Do we really need them? Did I have one?

I explore all of these questions and include some audience insights too!

Business Plans…

A lot of us don’t take the leap to leave jobs we’re unhappy in, because we think we’re unprepared. Or the idea of being a “business woman” scares us – we think we’re not at that level yet and our ideas don’t warrant something like a business plan.

I know I didn’t think I needed a business plan, because I wasn’t looking for investment, for example. But there are many reasons why a business plan is a good idea, even for the small and fledgling business ideas. That’s what this podcast is about and what actually goes into one too.

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