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I’ve been blogging for quite a while now about all sorts of things. I like to keep my blog honest and genuine and therefore write about anything that interests or excites me, or things that I do that I think other people would like to know about or would find helpful. I hope I’ve managed to achieve that and have created some content that is of use to at least one person out there.

But in honesty, my blog is my creative outlet too. I love to write, I love to take photographs and HollyGoesLightly gives me the chance to do that and document at least part of my life, so that one day when I’m old, I can look back at all the things I did.

Having just had an anniversary of 250 blog posts, I thought it was time to go back and revisit a few of my favourites. I’ll be re-writing some of them with updates if I think they’re still relevant, but for now, here’s the ones that you guys have been most interested in:

My Top Blog Posts

  • I love to travel to Italy and it’s become a second home. You guys like to travel too as you found my blog post about driving from England to Tuscany particularly helpful.

driving to tuscany hollygoeslightly

  • Despite the travel, you guys obviously don’t get enough sun throughout the year like me. That’s why I tried out the Skinny Tan and have been addicted ever since.

my first skinny tan arm hollygoeslightl

  • You’re obviously all foodies like me, because you enjoyed salivating over my review of Manchester House recently.


  • And you’re up for Sunday strolls at the markets just like we are. Here’s when we went to Altrincham Market.
  • And some of you must be mums and dads like is, as you liked knowing about this amazing Baby Mori subscription package and discount.

baby mori a chic subscription box for your baby vests 2 hollygoeslightly

So those seems to be my top blog posts according to you guys – quite a selection, which is good.

Is there anything you particularly like seeing on here that I can write about more?