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My Top Blog Posts According to You Guys

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I’ve been blogging for quite a while now about all sorts of things. I like to keep my blog honest and genuine and therefore write about anything that interests or excites me, or things that I do that I think other people would like to know about or would find helpful. I hope I’ve managed to achieve that and have created some content that is of use to at least one person out there.Continue reading

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250 Posts & My Blogging Goals for 2017

I started this blog, officially about 3 and a half years ago. I’d blogged before that but didn’t really have much focus with what I wanted from my blog. Then in 2013, HollyGoesLightly was born and I’ve been blogging about food, style, travel, lifestyle and now family bits ever since. And somehow, in my little corner of the internet, I’ve written 250 posts! It may just be a drop in the ocean for some of the bigger, full-time bloggers, but I’ve managed to create this in my spare time, alongside a full-time job and having a baby. So 250 posts is quite an achievement and it’s got me thinking about my blogging goals for 2017…

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Manchester Bloggers – #WeBlogMCR meet-up

As a blogger myself, I’ve always found it important to mix with other bloggers. You know, people that are into blogging and don’t glaze over when you say “I’m a blogger”. When I moved up from London and starting blogging more regularly, I really wanted to meet other Manchester bloggers, but found it hard to know where to start and if I’m honest, a little intimidating.

Back in 2013, it felt like there weren’t very many other Manchester bloggers out there, it was very London-centric in the blogging world. This was great as it gave lots of room on the internet and I found my blog appeared high on Google occasionally, but it did feel a bit lonely. Continue reading