Dog walking in Delamere Forest

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So with the hottest weekend of the year upon us and nothing to do, we decided to spend our Saturday on a lovely long dog walk with Bobbi in Delamere Forest.

Delamere is about 45 mins outside of Manchester towards Chester/Liverpool way. It’s a very quaint part of the world and thrives in the sunshine, with lots of lush green leaves and trees. We drove and there’s plenty of parking, very reasonably priced at £1 per hour which put you at the beginning of many walking trails of varying lengths and distances. We chose to park in Whitefield Car Park which is just across the road from a lovely walking trail through the forest and around the lake.

Bobbi was in her element, frolicking and leaping through the bushes and woods. As it was so hot, Delamere is perfect as there’s lots of shade, so you can be outside for longer and it’s better for dogs. We passed lots of other couples, dog-walkers and families, but it wasn’t busy at all – it felt very peaceful and secluded.

We did a 2-mile walk (not easy in 30 degrees!) and jumped back in the car for home. Whilst passing through the surrounding villages, we passed a lovely pub and beer garden on the river and couldn’t resist a quick stop-off for a drink and a bit to eat. So that’s exactly what we did.  The pub is called The Riverside Inn and we propped ourselves up on a picnic bench (in the shade for Bobbi) and enjoyed very reasonably priced burgers and fries with a glass of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc for me and a Ginger Beard for hubby. There were some lovely views along the river, with canal boats passing by and even a family of ducks with their ducklings….so quaint!

After an hour and feeling very satisfied that we’d made the most of the rare British sun, we headed home to dose on the couch for the rest of the evening.

Here are some photos of our day at Delamere…

Bobbi in Delamere ForestGreen trees Delamere ForestGo ape Delamere ForestLeaves Delamere ForestTrees Delamere ForestTall trees Delamere ForestBobbi in the shadows at Delamere ForestMy feet in Delamere ForestMy shadow Delamere ForestBobbi relaxingBobbi relaxing by the riverBobbi relaxing in the shadeBobbi watching the ducksCanal boatBeer garden dinner at Two For OneDog walking in Delamere Forest