A day at Wimbledon 2013

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With Centre Court tickets in hand, we made our way to Wimbledon 2013 for the Men’s Quarter Finals, featuring Andy Murray last Wednesday. And what a day it was!

We enjoyed Prosecco and Pimms on Murray Mount before heading into watch the Men’s Quarter Finals on Centre Court and what turned out to be an incredibly riveting 5-set match of tennis. Lucky me and hubby.

So we caught the Virgin train from Manchester to London on Tuesday night and stayed over at my folks place. Waking up bright and early on Wednesday morning, we were both really excited that we’d got tickets in this year’s ballot to Wimbledon. We made our way there via Charing Cross Station, so we could enjoy a leisurely walk along the Thames and over to Waterloo. I love London!

Here’s our view from Waterloo Bridge. Stunning! Although overcast, we could feel the warmth in the air and I was dressed for a Summer soiree 🙂

View from Waterloo Bridge London

Arriving at Wimbledon nice and early, we made our way straight to Murray Mount (or Henman Hill if you’re loyal like that). It was already filling up, but we spotted 2 spaces on a picnic table with excellent views of the screen, so we squeezed in next to some friendly guys from Bristol.

Big Screen Tennis Wimbledon 2013

The sun hadn’t quite got his hat on so it started like this:

Hubby in the drizzle at Wimbledon

Then went onto this:

Enjoying Prosecco at Wimbledon Hubby and Prosecco at Wimbledon

And quickly turned into this:

Me and Prosecco on Murray Mount Wimbledon

Prosecco at Wimbledon

The sun came out in full force, we popped-open the bottle of bubbles and we were well on our way to a wonderful day. The banks of Murray Mount filled so there was just inches of space between everyone…what an atmosphere!

Murray Mount Spectators Wimbledon Spectators on Murray Mount Wimbledon

After some bubbles and a couple of glasses of Pimms, it was time for lunch. Hubby opted for stone-baked Siciliana pizza and I went for Nachos with vegetarian chilli, extra guacamole, soured-cream and lots of cheese. Yum. Just the carb-filled lunch we needed to line our stomachs after all the English-summer-time-drinking.

Nachos for lunch Wimbledon

We ate and drank whilst chatting away with our new-found bench friends and watching Djocovich beat Berdych in their Quarter Final match. The atmosphere was soaring and everyone was buzzing to watch Andy Murray. With a bottle of ‘Wimbledon Wine’ (a Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay) in hand, we made our way to Centre Court (to the distress and envy of our new bench friends). to watch Murray vs Verdasco.

Wimbledon Wine Centre Court Men's Quarter Finals Centre court Men's Quarter Finals

Our seats were great and so was the match! After a very slow and tense start, Murray turned it round in the 3rd set and made an incredible come-back. With roaring from the crowd firing him-up, he broke Verdasco’s serve in the 5th game of the 5th set and took the last 2 games for a victory. Electric. Whatever you think of Murray, he’s British and he might win Wimbledon – that’s history in the making and you can’t help but get behind him.

Having beat Janowicz yesterday in the Semi-Finals, Andy Murray is on his way to the Wimbledon Final against Novac Djokovic tomorrow. It’s set to be a nail-biter, but I’m sure an historic game of tennis…2013 could be the year we finally win the famous lawned tournament!

I highly recommend trying to get tickets to Wimbledon – it’s such an experience. You rely on being lucky in the ballot or queueing early for tickets on the day (if you’re lucky), but it is so worth it if you’re successful. The atmosphere is electric, spirits are high and everyone is there to enjoy themselves in the awesome setting of Wimbledon and the courts. Tickets aren’t cheap (ours set us back £101 each) but are well worth it. Even if you just pay to get into the grounds on the day, you won’t be disappointed as there’s lots of matches to watch on the outside courts and of course, you can sit and soak it all in on Murray Mount with a jug of Pimms…always a winner!