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One of the perks of being a blogger (and pregnant), is getting to discover some amazing brands that I may not have known about otherwise. Second time round, I’ve been particularly interested in beauty and body products to use during pregnancy and was introduced to some luxury stretch mark cream for pregnancy, created by the gorgeous brand Unity Beauty Essentials…

Luxury Stretch Mark Cream

Right at the end of my first pregnancy, I got stretch marks (I think this is largely due to going 10 days over my due date and my body physically not being able to grow anymore, so it literally did stretch) and although I totally see them as an admirable “war-wound”, I have to admit I was a little frustrated.

Now, personally, I think stretch marks, like cellulite, has a lot to do with your genetics and you can’t completely stop them from happening. BUT, I do believe you can help lessen the impact and development of them. I used some high-street body butters and stretch mark creams first time round, but when I became pregnant again, I was more conscious to look at some luxury products to see if that’d make a difference. Unity Beauty Essentials produce a number of products including a luxury stretch mark cream for pregnancy – so I jumped at the chance of trying them out.

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Unity Beauty Essentials – Luxury Products for Pregnancy

First things first, I love the idea of luxury products for pregnancy – why shouldn’t we spend a bit of time and money on ourselves and our body during this special time? Founder Parvathi Nair, obviously felt the same and identified a distinct lack of choice for luxury pregnancy beauty products. She created a fabulous range in answer to that gap…

Delivering natural ingredients via luxurious formulas, Unity Beauty Essentials is more than just a quick fix; it is a sensory adventure that will make mums-to-be feel nurtured, indulged and confident with her new curves.

I have been lucky enough to try the entire collection: the Complete Duo Stretch Mark Cream and Oil, the Daily Body Hydrator and the Intensive Body Nourisher. I have to say, as soon as the products arrived, I knew they were quality and more premium, as the packaging is beautiful and the presentation chic.

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So what’s it all about?

I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and try the products out and was most intrigued by the Complete Duo product that combined stretch mark cream and oil in one squirt! The delicious smell hit me first and I quickly read that the products contain superfruit, Indian Gooseberry, which is “regarded as one of the best natural beauty and anti-ageing remedies: protects and heals skin, keeping skin looking young and beautiful”. The gooseberry, combined with avocado oil, coconut oil, mango seed butter, rosehip oil, shea butter and sweet almond oil, creates an utterly luxurious experience and delectable smell. It’s incredibly innovative to combine cream and oil in one product and you feel the benefits of both, as you massage into your bump. There’s no itching or dryness when you use the duo and it feels incredibly nourishing on the skin.

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How to use the luxury stretch mark cream…

It’s important to take some time for yourself during pregnancy and I realise that even more having a toddler this time round! So dedicating some time for a long soak in the tub is a must for me and I’ve decided that these products will form part of that and my daily routine. The good thing is, if you go for all 3 products, you’ve got something to use throughout the day, which really does nourish the skin (and hopefully eliminate the lasting effects and severity of stretch marks).

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My routine with Unity Beauty Essentials

Morning – use the Daily Body Hydrator all over my body, but focussing on my bump, boobs and hips (ie. anywhere that could be prone to strecth marks)


Evening – following a soak in the tub, I apply the Complete Duo over my bump and hips


Before bed – just before I jump into bed, I apply the Intensive Body Moisturiser across my body, bump and hands, to benefit from the hydration whilst I sleep.


So obviously, I’m not sure there is a miracle cure or way of completely avoiding stretch marks during pregnancy, but to give your body the best chance, I think it’s important to combine some exercise, drinking lots of fluids, a good balanced diet and a touch of luxury with pregnancy beauty products like these. I genuinely use mine daily and wouldn’t be without them now and can highly recommend!

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Do you take time for yourself during pregnancy? Have you considered more luxury products like these?

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As mentioned, these products were gifted to me, so I could give an honest review and support a growing business. Like with everything on this blog, I don’t write about it unless I genuinely love the product and want to tell you about it.