Private Chef Dining Experience with La Belle Assiette

So a couple of weekends ago, I hosted a dinner party with some friends (and without toddler) at out home and guess what? I didn’t have to cook, I didn’t even have to wash up and I actually got to relax, chat with friends and enjoy myself. Want to know how? It’s because it wasn’t just any dinner party – it was a private chef dining experience with La Belle Assiette….

Private Chef Dining Experience

As you’ll know if you read this blog, I’m a foodie and love trying new things. So when La Belle Assiette approached me to host a dinner party, with a private chef, I jumped for joy to have the chance. I’d never done anything like it before and always sort of dreamed of having someone come to the house and cook for me. (Especially since having a child!).

Then La Belle Assiette went on to tell me it’d be the “validation meal” (ie. the chance to showcase his cooking) of Chef Giorgio, who was Italian…I just thought my luck was in…not only was I going to host a private chef dining experience, but it was going to be packed full of amazing Italian food, my favourite!

The meal…

I’ll start with a little video, to set the scene…

What we ate…


Baked Crespelle with Ricotta and Artichokes served with a Roasted Garlic Bechamel

Stewed Cuttlefish with ink served on Polenta Bramata

Sardine in Saor, Macerated Sardines in Sweet and Sour Onions with Pine Kernels and Raisins

Dried Broad Beans Croquettes (v)


Primo Piatto

Risotto Vialone Nano servied with Garlic, Chilli, Fresh Crab and Clams

Risotto with Radicchio di Treviso and Carnia Mezzano Stravecchio Cheese (v)


Palate Cleanser

Sgroppino (Lemon Sorbet and Prosecco)


Secondo Piatto

Baccala’ alla Vicentina, Salted Cod braised in Milk and Spices served with stewed Runner Beans in Cinnamon and Cloves Tomato Sauce

Fennel Gratin (v)



Tiramisu served in Wafer Basket

Zabaione Moussed served with Almond Crunch (GF)

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Thanks to Georgie Glass for the photos (meant I could relax!). 

The verdict…

Well, what can I say…nearly 3 hours of eating, drinking, laughing and chatting – our private chef dining experience with La Belle Assiette was a night to remember. Chef Giorgio was fantastic – friendly, knowledgable and discreet (I forgot there was someone in my kitchen!). He brought everything he needed food-wise and anything specialist, used our pots/pans and crockery/cutlery. He cooked away, whilst we had fun and talked about all the food that we loved. He then served us each course, explaining the ingredients and thought behind it, before leaving us to enjoy. And enjoy we did!

We were introduced to cuisine, typical of the Veneto Region of Italy and some more unusual flavour combinations that you may not necessarily associate with Italy (the Turkish influences and spices for example from the Roman history and conquests of the country). We were also introduced to THE BEST TIRAMISU WE’VE EVER EATEN! This was a general consensus…it really was buonissimo! Inspired by his Nonna, Chef Giorgio served up the lightest, creamiest and most delicious Tiramisu dessert, with just a hint of coffee (I don’t usually like coffee flavour!) and in the lightest, crispiest wafer basket. I could eat it everyday quite happily!

The Baked Crespelle starter and the Seafood Risotto were the other two standout highlights for me personally – stunning, simple, clean flavours.

Would I do it again?

Would I have a private chef dining experience in my own home again? Hell yes! It really felt incredibly luxurious, but surprisingly informal and approachable too and I know a lot of this will be down to Chef Giorgio’s manner and personality. As a working mum to a toddler that doesn’t sleep, I don’t get a lot of time to host dinner parties or go out, so having the experience in my own home was a real winner. I only spent about half an hour prepping the room, laying the table and setting the scene. The rest was up to Chef and I got to actually spend time with my friends and enjoy a splendid meal without jumping-up to cook or clear tables.

The night started at 7.30pm and finished at 10.30pm and I didn’t even have any washing-up to do afterwards…bliss!

So if you’re looking for something a bit different to do, a treat, or even a present for someone’s birthday or special occasion (Valentine’s day!?), then I can highly recommend trying out La Belle Assiette. Available in many cities across the UK.


This private chef dining experience was gifted to us by La Belle Assiette, as part of their launch here in Manchester. But, like everything in my content, I don’t write about it or share it unless I genuinely think it’s awesome!