Nursery Inspiration

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I don’t talk much about my pregnancy on this blog, but I do like to share my DIY and Interior design inspiration posts, so this one is relevant.

So I’m definitely getting into the nesting phase of the pregnancy and can’t stop thinking about decorating and getting the nursery sorted! We’re having our basement renovated to create another room, which will be an office and spare bedroom with ensuite WC. I will be posting lots about that soon! But until this project is done, we can’t really start on the nursery, which is starting to drive me wild. So instead, I have to settle with Pinterest and window-shopping for now. 

I’ve found lots of awesome things long the way and are saving them in wish-lists for when the day arrives when I can actually BUY BUY BUY.

Here’s just a selection of my current nursery inspiration (I’m sure there’ll be lots more!):

  • Inspiration: I love this couple’s nursery on a grey and yellow theme. Great idea particularly if you don’t know the gender of your baby.

grey and yellow nursery my nursery wishlist hollygoeslightly

  • Mamas & Papas Cloud Wallpaper (although I’d prefer it if it was white and grey!)

mamas and papas cloud wallpaper my nursery wishlist hollygoeslightly

asda cot bed my nursery wishlist hollygoeslightly

  • I LOVE these nursery prints from You can even personalise them with your baby’s name or any other wording, which I think is a lovely touch. I’ll definitely be getting one for our nursery.

minted print sweet sophistication my nursery wishlist hollygoeslightly

  • This badger rug is pretty awesome too…maybe for when the baby is a bit older though

pipkin rug made my nursery wishlist hollygoeslightly

memory balloon ceiling light my nursery wishlist hollygoeslightly

I think there’s lots of different styles and influences above, so won’t go for everything at once, but definitely food for thought! Also shows what can be done in a nursery and it’s not all rocking-horses and teddy-bears.

How did you decorate your nursery?