The comfiest post pregnancy nightwear

So the wintery nights are definitely upon us and I’m finding that with it being dark outside at 5pm, chilly and with a young baby, I’m often in my pyjamas by 6pm!

Since having a baby, I’ve realised how important it is to feel comfortable and to make the most of those relaxing moments in front of the telly. So I like to indulge myself with a warm mug of hot chocolate, a good Netflix series and my Blackspade pyjamas.

I stumbled across Blackspade when looking for some post pregnancy nightwear, as I wanted more than ever to feel comfortable. When I put them on, I was surprised at just how soft the material is…like a super soft jersey that’s really silky. Quite like nothing I’d worn before. They’re incredibly light-weight too, but still warm – perfect for wearing around the house and for nursing the newborn. Apparently it’s the use of ‘Modal’ and cotton – which allows the natural fabrics to drape and hang comfortably and make them super comfy!

I was in TV watching heaven!

I’ve included a couple of brand images below – mainly because I figured you wouldn’t want to see a pic of me in my pj’s! My nighty is from an older range (same design as in the title image – love floral!), but the new Blackspade Noir range is fab too. It sounds weird, but you don’t always find a nice nighty with long sleeves. A small but important detail in the winter! And they’re a really good length (no risk of showing more than intended when lounging around the house!).

the comfiest nightwear post pregnancy blackspade nighty hollygoeslightly

the comfiest nightwear post pregnancy blackspade noir hollygoeslightly

The Blackspade Noir range is super simple and chic, but I really can’t emphasise enough, how well the pieces fit and how soft and comfy they are. Not expensive either, ranging from £20-40!

What are you wearing on these wintery nights indoors?