The Silver Cross Teddy Bear

Thinking of something to get your little one this Christmas? Perhaps it’s your bubba’s first Christmas like ours? Well I’m a firm believer that babies can’t have too many teddy bears and the Silver Cross Teddy Bear is a seriously cute one!

We have the Silver Cross Surf Travel System (limited edition Eton Grey – you can see it on my instagram) which we love. I always wanted a Silver Cross pram as I feel it’s a quintessential British brand and I love their designs and the quality. What I didn’t realise was that Silver Cross also make other products, including toys and Teddy Bears!

So we got the traditional looking Timble Soft Knitted Bear as it was so soft and suitable from newborn (and we thought it’d look super cute in the pram). Its RRP is £20 and it has the Silver Cross logo embroidered on the leg. It really looks like a bear that’d be kept forever and I like that idea for our little one.

Here’s a few snaps of it and it also comes in a lovely presentation box, so could be quite the collector’s item some day.

silver cross teddy bear presentation box hollygoeslightlysilver cross teddy bear toy hollygoeslightly silver cross teddy bear sitting hollygoeslightly silver cross teddy bear knitted hollygoeslightly silver cross teddy bear brown hollygoeslightly silver cross teddy bear box hollygoeslightly

The Bear can be purchased here if you’re interested.

What gifts are you buying this Christmas? Anything collectable?