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First time round, I didn’t write or post lots about my pregnancy on here or on my social media and there were two main reasons for that really – 1. I didn’t think anyone except us would be interested and the whole insta-mum thing, wasn’t really a thing, and 2. I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to share, it was our experience, we didn’t know what was ahead of us and I didn’t want to post something I’d regret further down the line. But, as Flo got older, she started to photo-bomb my insta-stories and enjoyed being in front of the camera and I was more confident in myself as a mum and a person – so it felt more natural to share that with the world. I have also grown a network of friends in “real-life”, insta-life and through blogging and I realise we all support each other with our content and there are lots of people out there that are new parents or on their road to it and need support and find comfort in hearing others’ experiences and how it really is…

So what about finding out I’m pregnant for the second time?…

Finding out I’m pregnant the second time round

I wrote about finding out I’m pregnant the first time round, here on the blog years ago. This time, there was less anxiety when taking the pregnancy test, but just as much excitement and a sort of knowing feeling that we would be (we’re very lucky and seem to get pregnant as soon as we decide to try!) and this time, we were together when I did the test. That was lovely.

I only did one test, as there was no denying the two clear lines on the stick and we hugged and this time, I knew what was coming which filled me with a new sense of excitement but also a knowing sense of worry. This wasn’t an overriding feeling, but second time round, you’re aware of how much can go wrong and that that pregnancy test is only the first-step of many, on the long and winding road to having that baby in your arms.

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The waiting game

Finding out I’m pregnant for the second time was no less significant and as with the first pregnancy, I found it hard to let myself get too excited until we had the first scan (more on that coming soon!). I’m not a pessimist, but I am a worrier and until we got to meet our little one in the scan and know that it was all going as it should be, I didn’t want to run away with the idea of us expanding our little family.

So for that reason, we really didn’t tell many people and I had to suffer the nausea and exhaustion in relative silence.

The First Trimester – did it feel different?

In short, no! I recognised the signs of pregnancy very early on and remembered the feelings from my first pregnancy and it all came flooding back. But this time, I did have a bit of a heads-up and some knowledge of things that might ease that first 12 weeks slightly…

…this time, I did have a bit of a heads-up and some knowledge of things that might ease that first 12 weeks…

Feeling quesy at conception

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but with both pregnancies, I reckon I can pin-point the exact day when fireworks were happening inside my womb and cells were coming together to form the pregnancy. I didn’t know that’s what I was feeling first time round, but I did looking back and this time, I recognised that feeling straight away, as it was happening…and guess what?! I was out drinking! Ahhh! Why is it I’m always drunk as I’m getting pregnant?! (I don’t think this is uncommon).

I was drinking and then suddenly it felt that the drink wasn’t going down well, I was queasy and something just didn’t feel right – it’s hard to explain! As I know there was a chance I could be pregnant, I stopped drinking at that moment and did a test the next day!

Instant exhaustion

The utterly overwhelming feeling of exhaustion was back! I mean it’s worse than any tiredness you’ve felt before and it’s more than that, it’s physical and mental! Like you just can’t muster-up the energy to get up or do anything. But finding out I’m pregnant this time round, comes when I run my own business and have an energetic toddler running around, I’m not care-free and I don’t have my evenings and weekends to myself to just do nothing! So the exhaustion has been tough this time round, as there’s no real let-up! For me, it lasted from about week 5 to week 13 (and counting!).

The only thing I could enjoy, being self-employed, was lunch time naps (enjoyed with the toddler on the days we were together), which definitely helped me get through the long days.


Again, no difference here for me! I felt nauseous and queasy ALL. THE. TIME! I was off eating (noooooo!), didn’t fancy anything, didn’t want to cook and just generally couldn’t be arsed to make any effort with my eating.

But, this time round, I did know that the only way of helping the nausea was to eat! I know it’s hard, but it does work. Eating little and often and essentially grazing throughout the day, helps keep the nausea at bay.

And no, it’s not morning sickness, it’s morning-noon-and-bloody-night-sickness!

…no it’s not morning sickness, it’s morning-noon-and-bloody-night-sickness!

Insatiable hunger

Sitting nicely next to the constant nausea is the insane feelings of hunger! I know, weird right?! But genuinely, I would have moments where I would crash, feel completely and utterly empty and need to get some food in me! But with the lack of desire for anything, those first couple of months, I survived on white carbs. I know, I know, this isn’t ideal but I’m sorry, it got me through and it could have been worse!

So I ate crisps, bread and pasta…starch and again, apparently this is very common and is to do with energy levels needing to spike and to be honest, it was relatively inoffensive and didn’t aggravate my nausea.

This insatiable hunger and dips in energy is all to do with the magic that’s happening in your body and the calories being burnt without you even knowing it…it’s quite amazing and totally makes sense when you think about it!

It’s only sitting here, in my 13th week of pregnancy that I’m starting to enjoy food again and have my balanced diet back on form…plenty of veg, snacking on fruit, and yes carbs and double-yes, some cake and chocolate occasionally too!


During my first pregnancy, I didn’t really have much in the way of cravings and I was a little disappointed to be honest. But this time round, I feel like there’s a couple of random things sneaking their way into my diet that I didn’t expect…the main one being tea!

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not really a hot-drink kinda gal…I’m never in on tea-rounds in the office and I don’t grab a coffee of a morning to see me through the day. But this last few weeks, all I’ve wanted is a nice cuppa with one sugar! Whole milk and usually with a biscuit accompaniment. Lovely.

Being pregnant for the second time

So in summary, as I’ve just left my first trimester, finding out I’m pregnant second time round has been just as exciting, scary and nausea-inducing as the first time, but with a little bit of reassurance that I know what’s happening to my body and the familiarity of feeling many of the same symptoms in the first trimester.

Going into my second trimester, I don’t know what it’s got in store for me and if it’ll be comparable to my first pregnancy…I know I’m not as fit this time and have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll have more aches carrying the bump as just don’t think my ab muscle strength will be there.

But only time will tell, so watch this space!