my pregnancy cravings

As I’ve been taking you through my pregnancy journey on here, looking back at that amazing, life-changing and body-altering experience – I’ve been recalling the wonders of pregnancy, including my pregnancy cravings.

Being a foodie, I totally lost my mojo during the first trimester, when I suffered with nausea (or morning sickness as it’s commonly known) and couldn’t really enjoy anything I ate. I wanted plain, carby foods, that was it!

But when my mojo came back, I found my pregnancy cravings kicked-in too…

My Pregnancy Cravings

I didn’t have anything too out of the ordinary, in the way of cravings…I was almost a little disappointed to not be demanding ice-cream with pickled gherkins or something equally as weird!

But I did find that my taste for certain foods increased and that I was craving certain food groups too. Mainly during the second trimester, I realised that I wanted salty carbs and stodgy foods. I tried to ensure that I maintained a balanced diet and ate plenty of fruit, veg and nuts, but I allowed myself to indulge in my carby cravings.

The weirdest one? Well lots of people thought it was a bit random when I just had to have a baked-bean roll. That’s right. I bought a lovely white roll…you know the ones that are crispy on the outside but still soft and fluffy on the inside? I scooped out some of the white bread in the middle (and ate it obvs!), then proceeded to fill it with baked beans and grated mature cheddar. I demolished the whole thing to inquisitive and appreciative looks from my colleagues at the time.

It totally hit the spot!

Being a bit naughty…there was the odd time when I just had to have noodles with curry sauce, from the local Chinese. I knew this wasn’t the healthiest option to be piling into my body, but again, every now and then I just had to cave. It’s like something gets into your head and you can’t shake it, with pregnancy cravings, you’ve just got to give in!

Developing a sweet tooth…I’ve also been a savoury over sweet person, always picking a Starter-Main, over Main-Dessert. But in the third trimester of my pregnancy, my sugar cravings really kicked-in. All I wanted was cake, cake and more cake. I genuinely would say for a couple of weeks, I are cake every day! Oops! But I felt I needed it…I need the sugar kick and I think baby was growing rapidly and depleting my resources! So sometimes, a girl just gotta eat cake!

On the subject of pregnancy cravings, I’ve got a super guest post coming-up this afternoon, with a scrumptious recipe to satisfy those cravings…pregnant or not! So make sure to check-back later.