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It’s taken me a while to share the story of our pregnancy and my journey into motherhood on here, as I’ve been getting my head round it all and focusing on how to be a mum.

I hadn’t decided how much I wanted to share and have my daughter up here on the tinterweb, but I’m in a place now where it feels natural and okay to share it all. Flo is also inquisitive and continually photo-bombing me on social media, so seems she’s happy to be involved too.

The beginning

So I’m taking you back to the beginning, where it all started…

So we’d made the decision to try for a baby while on a romantic holiday. We had spent the previous few years enjoying being engaged, getting married and moving from London to Manchester and into the house and area of our dreams. Not to mention we’d got a puppy and were working bloody hard and building a new life in a new city, with no family nearby.

After all of this, it was important for us that we had some time as a couple, shared some experiences and created some memories. We constantly had people asking us “so when you going to have a baby?” and “are you trying yet?”. I still can’t believe people actually have the audacity to ask this question, especially when they have no bloody idea whether you may even want a baby or could be struggling to conceive…but that’s another chat for another day.

But when reflecting on our lives together whilst on holiday, we were both feeling the want for someone else to join our little family (me, hubby and Bobbi the dog that is). We’d talked about it a lot, we’re both family-people and love kids, so it was inevitable that we’d be trying to make it happen some day, so we weren’t in a rush.

Making the decision

Then when on holiday, we made the decision that I’d stop taking the pill, we’d both work on getting fitter and losing a bit of weight and start making the necessary steps (I don’t need to go into that!). So we got back home to Manchester, I’d started seeing a personal trainer and largely we carried on with our busy and social lives.

What the f***?

But when after one month of “trying”, I didn’t get my period, it seemed way too good to be true! I definitely didn’t think I was pregnant, my period must just be out of sync after so many years on the pill. Not a chance.

Then I was 2 days late, then 3 days late, then 4! And it was only on a trip down to London to see my girlies that I seriously started to think that this could be it…maybe we were that lucky and maybe I was preggers! Shit!

So I decided to take a test by myself, not really expecting it to be positive but deciding that if I was, I’d surprise hubby with the results. And that’s exactly what it was…positive! My stomach did a massive flip when I saw those 8 letters on that little plastic stick and the biggest smile took permanent place on my face.

How did I tell him?

I was so desperate to tell the hubby, but how to do it!? It would be the longest day ever as I wasn’t seeing him till that evening, but I definitely didn’t want to tell him the good news by text or over the phone.

Quickly, I devised a plan to announce it to him on my arrival home. I popped to a nearby independent shop that sold cards, trinkets and other bits and bobs. I was looking for something baby-ish, that I could wrap-up as a present for him. I found the perfect thing…the softest, plushest teddy bear. I also found a cool handmade card with “Hooray” on the front.

I went back to my friend’s house, grabbed the positive pregnancy test, placed it in the teddy bear’s arms and wrapped it up. He wouldn’t suspect a thing…I’d just be bringing him a gift back from my trip to London.

6 hours later…the longest 6 hours EVER, I arrived home with butterflies in my tummy, barely able to conceal my excitement.

I ran straight upstairs as I was worried I couldn’t keep a straight face and look him in the eye. I called for him to come upstairs to help me while I unpacked. As he was asking me how my weekend down in London with the girls went, I nonchalantly threw his present at him and said it was a gift I’d picked up from Portobello Market.

I carried on “unpacking” as he opened it. I looked over as he pulled out the teddy bear and realisation quickly dawned on his face when he saw the test. He looked up at me, wide-eyed like Christmas had come early and ran over to hug and kiss me, with that same goofy smile that I’d had, emblazoned over his face.

A moment I’ll never forget, that’s for sure.

Feeling lucky

Looking back now especially, but even back then, we felt very very lucky. We had managed to become pregnant pretty much right away, to our surprise and I know not everyone has that same journey. So I do count our blessings, as we were ready and I’m so bloody impatient, that I think if it’d taken much longer, I probably wouldn’t have been as relaxed about the whole process as I was.

How did you find out you were pregnant? Share your stories below or on social using #MummyFriday so I can have a read 🙂