How to tackle energy dips! Podcast episode 10

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In this week’s episode of Can We have it all podcast, I wanted to talk about something that I suffer from a lot, particularly lately… how to tackle energy dips! I can get real slumps of energy, which leads to a negative mindset, poor productivity and general feelings of crapness! Here’s a few ways that I get out of those energy dips and I hope they might help you too…

Can We Have It All? podcast episode 10

I’ll let the podcast episode do the talking, but in a nutshell:

  1. Does the energy dip link to your menstrual cycle?
  2. How have you been eating lately?
  3. Give yourself regular breaks
  4. Get some fresh air
  5. Do something new / different
  6. Re-establish a sleep routine
  7. Talk to someone!

I discuss that one of the main things is being able to recognise these energy dips for what they are! I hope you find it useful if you can relate.

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