Unisex Babywear – Matalan Baby

**[Gifted-Ad]: Matalan kindly gifted me some baby clothes, which I’ve decided to photograph and write about as I’ve shopped at Matalan for years, but didn’t realise they did such lovely baby clothes. So thought I’d share…**

When we had our daughter 3.5 years ago, we didn’t know whether we were having a boy or a girl and being the forward-thinking, progressive mother than I am, swore that I’d only dress my baby in unisex babywear either way. The whole pink/blue thing was old-fashioned to me. I myself, have never been a fan of pink clothes and I enjoyed picking out lots of grey, yellow and white unisex babywear.

Now obviously, when we had a girl, we were inundated with little dresses (often pink) and less gender-neutral baby attire. And of course we loved these just as much as the unisex items we’d chosen ourselves. I mean a little baby girl in a cute dress is just too much! However, of course our personal style comes through when we shop for our kids doesn’t it? I see myself as a feminine woman but not a “girly-girl” when it comes to my personal style – I love wearing dresses, but can mostly be found in jeans, jumpers and UGG boots/flats. So our daughter’s wardrobe probably reflected my own (and I love a bit of twinning!). There have been more than a few occasions where I purchased clothes for her thinking that our next baby would be able to wear them too, boy or girl.

Unisex Babywear – Matalan

So when we had a little boy, he naturally got lots of his big sister’s hand-me-downs and I love that a lot of their fashion is interchangeable and not the bog-stand boy/girl styles our parents would have been used to perhaps.

Having shopped in Matalan before for myself and mainly their homeware, I hadn’t really thought about them for babywear I must admit. But when I had a look online, I was super impressed with their range, particularly their unisex bits like the knitted romper our little boy is wearing here…

unisex babywear matalan baby hollygoeslightly 2unisex babywear matalan baby hollygoeslightly 6

How cute?! And who doesn’t love a Breton stripe? It’s great as it can be layered with a bright top or vest underneath, or something more muted like this stripe. I also like that Matalan have labelled some of their items as “unisex” that you may not expect to be…like these navy baby boots which, myself included, would’ve looked at once upon a time and deemed to be more suitable for a boy. Girls love blue too you know! (In fact, it’s my favourite colour FYI).

unisex babywear matalan baby hollygoeslightly 3unisex babywear matalan baby hollygoeslightly 5

One of my favourite things for a baby under 1 is a onesie. I mean, they’re just the cutest, cuddliest things when they’re in a onesie and Winter is even better as you can wrap them up warm like a cuddly teddy. Look at this Dinosaur Fleece Hooded Romper… it’s been a life saver during these cold weeks, as I’ve just thrown it on top of his usual baby-gro, which means minimal fuss when getting him ready to go out. It keeps him nice and warm and is easy to take off when we’re indoors. Plus he looks like a little friendly dinosaur!!

unisex babywear matalan baby hollygoeslightly 12 unisex babywear matalan baby hollygoeslightly 11

As I was flicking through the Matalan Baby range, one thing that struck me was the price and how reasonable these items were. Often, the high street can fall down on quality, particularly with baby clothes, but I’ve not found this with Matalan. £9 for the dinosaur romper is incredibly reasonable I think.

unisex babywear matalan baby hollygoeslightly 9 unisex babywear matalan baby hollygoeslightly 10

I could rabbit on all day about baby clothes as let’s face it, most of us parents love dressing our babies don’t we? But here’s a few of my other favourites from the Matalan baby range:

Unisex stripe dungaree (open footed, so plenty of growing room & can be layered with different colours)

Denim shirt t-shirt and jogging bottoms set (now this is actually listed in the boys section, but I think it’s totally unisex and LOVE that pop of yellow!

Unisex stripe bear ears beanie hat (I actually want one of these in my size! I love the rainbow colours and knit).

Matalan also do other helpful bits like bibs (see photo below) and this fantastic Unisex Star Sleeping Bag. This is really lightweight, like a regular baby-gro and the open bottom means that if your baby is starting to pull themselves up in their cot, they don’t get tangled up. It works really well for our baby boy as pyjamas and as JUST £4 (!) it’s a total steal.

unisex babywear matalan baby hollygoeslightly 14 unisex babywear matalan baby hollygoeslightly 13

How do you feel about unisex babywear?