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Home refurbishments can be very expensive and there are plenty of stories of people spending a lot of money on the “perfect” room. This doesn’t have to be the case though, as shown in my post ‘5 Simple Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom on a Budget’. The kitchen is arguably the most important part of the house, which is why many refer to it as the “heart of the home”. It can also be the most expensive to modernise. But with a few simple adjustments you can completely renovate your kitchen without breaking the bank…

5 Ways to Renovate Your Kitchen On a Budget

Replace your kitchen worktops

5 ways to renovate your kitchen on a budget hollygoeslightly 2

Real Homes notes that the design and material you use for your kitchen worktops can make or break the entire look of your kitchen. If you’re on a budget you should opt for kitchen worktops like oak, which can replicate the “intrinsic character and sparkle” of more expensive surfaces without the high costs. Oak costs around £100 to £120 per 3 metres—just make sure you opt for a high-quality laminate. You can also skim-coat your counters to get that rustic faux concrete feel, which is much cheaper than installing actual concrete counters (this is what we’re going to do next!).

Get kitchen units on a budget

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As kitchens mainly comprise of cupboards and storage space, changing them is a cost effective way to completely revamp the entire room. Homebuilding & Renovating explain how flat packed off the shelf kitchens are the cheapest option. They are usually made from melamine-faced chipboard and the doors are faced or wrapped in vinyl or PVC. In some cases you can even pick up an entire kitchen for as little as £408. The beauty of these designs is they’ll give you the clean-cut look of a modern kitchen. If you want to add more individual storage space to your kitchen, it pays to invest in kitchen units that fit the room.

Brighten up your room with the right light

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This is our kitchen & the lighting is one of my favourite elements.

Consult an expert to check which is the best kind of lighting for your kitchen, bright lighting can add space and size to your kitchen and white lighting can offset your colours perfectly (I prefer white lighting as it feels modern and is great for photos!). It also pays to change old light switches to keep with the new theme of your kitchen (I love these). Layering your lights is also a good idea, and you can mix ambient or overall lighting with accents lights, natural lights, and decorative lighting. Never underestimate the magnitude of change that good lighting can have on a room.

Add a few accessories

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Accessories in your kitchen can help pull your kitchen’s entire look together. Neat stacks of crockery, cups, and glassware are the perfect kitchen accessories. Herbs in small pots, artwork, and even textured or patterned wallpaper are great kitchen decorations, too. You can also create a focal point in your kitchen. It can vary from sleek stoves to central islands or statement tiles. The trick is to not break your budget. Even small changes can make a big difference.

Add a tile splash-back

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image source: http://www.designsponge.com/2015/04/before-after-paige-and-todds-kitchen-renovation.html

A tile splash-back is a cost-effective way to change the whole style of your kitchen and is very easy to install and won’t require much effort. Make sure the material you’re using is dirt and water-resistant. However, if you absolutely don’t have any budget left for a splash-back, you can go for stencils and paint instead. They’re a fraction of the cost and you can choose from a wide variety of styles. Be creative!

I hope those tips to renovate your kitchen on a budget has brought you some inspiration. Renovating your kitchen is a big move, but it can turn your renovation around as it really is the heart of the home. Our kitchen was the first thing we finished in our renovation and I absolutely adore it as it’s the space we use the most.


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