i have this thing for ochre roseandgrey velvet couch

We’re in the stage of our home renovation project that’s technically the fun bit, but possibly the most confusing bit too!…the decorating and furnishing! I’ve always been into interior design and as I’m in the blogging world, have lots of interiors insta-blogger friends…this is part of the problem. They’re all so blimmin’ cool, with such amazing houses and style. I have influences from all sorts of interior design – from scandi, to art deco, dark and opulent, to bright and clean…but one thing I keep coming back to is the fact I have this thing for ochre…

I have this thing for ochre…

We have quite an eclectic style and taste when it comes to interiors, mixing old and new pieces, styles, colours, paints and textures and I think this represents us as a couple and I’m happy with how our home is coming together so far. But no room is quite finished yet and I find our spaces are lacking a certain something. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I think it might be a pop of colour or a feature that ties the room together.

I keep being drawn to the colour Ochre, particularly when it comes to soft furnishings. We have a lot of blue tones in our interior design (subconsciously seems to be the colour we go back to) and I think it can start to look mono-tonal without an accent colour to highlight it. I think yellows, mustards and ochre works so well with blue and I keep coming back to the colour…I have this thing for ochre…

i have this thing for ochre

SHOP ITEMS: Dunelm Ochre Chair | Christy Penzance Cushion | La Redoute Yalou Throw

The above items are just a selection of things I’ve found of late that I’m thinking of getting to add to our bedroom – a velvet ochre chair from Dunelm to have in our bay window, accent cushions from Christy to throw on our bed and this gorgeous throw from La Redoute which also incorporates a pop of red. I think the three items would really offset the heritage blue walls, slate grey bedstead and dark blue bedding.

What do you think?

Pops of Ochre

I love Pinterest for my interiors inspo, as well as instagram and here’s a few images I’ve come across that are doing pops of ochre really well…

The Girl With The Green Sofa has an amazing home and really goes for it with colour, texture and pattern – she’s way braver than me. I wouldn’t think of the bathroom when it comes to accenting with ochre, but I love how she’s done it here with a fluffy stool…really sits well against the blues and greens…

i have this thing for ochre girl with a green sofa

Image source

Come Down To The Woods is renovating “the peach palace” and doing a bloody good job of it. Her traditional hallway panelling, is complemented with interesting pieces of furniture and I love that this cushion just brings it alive.

i have this thing for ochre comedowntothewoods

Image Source

I stumbled across this image on my Pinterest travels and love that they’ve used ochre in the cushion but also the curtains! It’s quite an opulent look, particularly with that flamingo print, the greens, blues and even pink hues – but I think it really works and draws the whole look together.

i have this thing for ochre stylink

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The following interior is a much cleaner and more modern look with graphical elements. I like the brighter walls and simple background with the feature being not only the colours but also the velvet textures. It really warms the space and brings that key element of design. (I don’t think our living room would EVER be this tidy though unfortunately so this is purely aspirational).

i have this thing for ochre domino

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This final image is probably the closes to our personal style and colour palette…not too off-the-wall, but with an eclectic mix of design influences, a bit of texture and hues of blue. This velvet ochre couch is the stuff of dreams and I’d love to have something like this in our home…I’m not sure if the hubby would agree. It just works so well with the blue rug and lamp and slate-blue walls.

i have this thing for ochre roseandgrey velvet couch

Image Source

So I think it’s safe to say that I have this thing for ochre and I’m going to have to find a way of incorporating it into our interior design in these final stages of our home renovation project. The question is where and how much of the colour to introduce? Hmmmm….

Is this a colour you’ve used in your home?

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