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With our recent home renovation project, we ended up with 3 bathrooms to renovate, fit-out and decorate. Our focus was obviously the main family bathroom, which the bulk of the budget went on, so we had to be clever with the other two bathrooms and look at ways to make them amazing, on a budget. I did a lot of research of products and techniques to bring our 2nd and 3rd bathrooms in without breaking the bank…

Renovate your Bathroom on a Budget

Here are my top five cost-effective tips to get your bathroom sparkling, whilst keeping costs to a minimum:

1. Update Fixtures

If you’re not starting from scratch like we were, replacing tired fixtures is a simple, cost-efficient procedure that anyone looking to revamp their bathroom should consider. Updating light fixtures, basin taps, and towel racks may seem insignificant, but can actually transform a bathroom’s overall look completely. If you’re feeling creative then recycling old pipe work to make a new towel rack, is a cheap way of restyling your bathroom that gives the space a unique industrial edge.

2. Freshen Caulk and Grout

If you’ve ever had new tiles in your bathroom before, chances are you’ll remember looking at the completed job and admiring how the can make your bathroom dazzle. Although it’s mainly down to the tile, the clean finish of grout also plays a big part too. Refreshing old grout that is worn or cracked gives your bathroom a polished look, that leaves your room feeling brand new again. Not only is cleaning caulk and grout visually beneficial, but it can also prevent tiles from cracking which can help to save time and money when replacing new ones. Another little tip – use coloured grout…we went for grey in our new bathrooms and it gets less stained than white grouting does and maintains that “new look” for longer. 

3. Paint Instead of Tiling

If your bathroom is desperately crying out to be retiled, then limiting your tile can be a great way of cutting costs. Try introducing a horizontal tile design along a wall and paint the majority of the room. Although painting your bathroom is a cost-effective option, it is important to invest in a high-quality paint that is going to protect your bathroom from mold and mildew, such as Dulux’s exceptionally tough moisture and steam resistant paint in soft sheen. Light or colourful paints can also help to brighten and expand a room and can be changed frequently, for whenever you feel like a change. All three of our bathrooms are mainly painted and we love it!

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4. Replace Your Flooring

Replacing a bathroom floor is one of the most expensive jobs associated with renovating a room. However, there are cheaper alternatives to tiled flooring out there, that are just as luxurious.  Luxury vinyl tiles are a cheap and simple solution to replacing an old bathroom floor and requires no experience to fit, meaning there are no additional costs for hiring an installer. We didn’t go for this option ourselves, as we got a bulk discount on floortiles, but it’s definitely something I’d consider for future renovation projects. 

5. Accessorise

Decorating your bathroom with tasteful finishing touches such as a new shower curtain, indoor plant or wall mirror adds style to your bathroom, at a low cost. Accessories are an important element of a room and often draw a lot of attention. Therefore, products such as statement mirrors and pattern shower curtains can be the focus of a room and are the key to making a bathroom look complete and well designed. We have simply lent a large ornate mirror against the wall in our main bathroom and love this look!

So that’s just 5 ways that I’ve found to renovate your bathroom on a budget. What do you think? Have you tried any of these techniques?

We're in the midst of a total home renovation, top to bottom and are nearing the finish line. We've learnt a lot along the way and as with all renovations, budget started to run out! So I've put together 5 tips on how you can renovate your bathroom on a budget...they might just help!  #bathroom #interiordecor #renovations