Basement Interior Design Inspiration

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With a baby on the way and a basement full to the brim with crap, we decided a while ago that we would renovate our basement. This would give us the much needed extra room and storage. Then when we found out we were pregnant, it was all hands to deck to get it done!

So at the moment, we’ve got a house full of builders, plasterers, electricians and plumbers, who all have the task of creating us an office and washroom, with plenty of storage and that’ll double-up as a spare bedroom when we need it. There’s about 2 weeks to go before it’s completed and I just can’t wait. In the meantime, I’ve been tasked with thinking about how we decorate it and have been seeking inspiration online (where else!). 

I’ve decided that I’d like it to be eclectic meets industrial…if you get my drift (and I’ve persuaded the hubby to leave the interior decoration to me).

Here’s some bits and bobs that I’ve found that I like…

We will have a day bed down there which’ll be folded up most of the time, but will be a good sized double bed for when people come to stay. I’m in love with Urban Outfitters at the moment and adore this duvet set. The colours are stunning and think it’ll fit in nicely with the eclectic side of the theme.

basement interior design inspiration urban outfitters duvet hollygoeslightly

I also really like this rug that they do, but I think we’re going to have carpet down there for insulation and warmth.

basement interior design inspiration urban outfitters rug hollygoeslightly

The walls in the basement will be painted white and we’ll have spot-lights in the ceiling. There’ll also be big bay windows to flood the space with as much light as possible. But I’d like to introduce the industrial edge with touches like this angle-poise lamp from Ikea.basement interior design inspiration ikea lamp hollygoeslightly

We’re going to have a tiny but perfectly formed toilet washroom down there, so when people stay, they don’t have to go up 2 flights of stairs for a wee. It’ll be big enough for a toilet and a sink, but that’s about it. So we’re going to stick with the Victorian influence and go for something like this (although ours will be about a quarter of the size!):

basement interior design inspiration cloakroom suite hollygoeslightly

We’ll need a gorgeous mirror in there and I love bathroom mirrors with lighting. This one I found from Pebble Grey ticks all the boxes as it’s slim, modern and has lights. I love the fact that it also has LED battery-powered lights too, so don’t have to worry about connecting it up the electrics…

basement interior design inspiration pebble grey mirror hollygoeslightly

Then to bring the eclectic into the tiny washroom, I’m wanting some seriously awesome floor tiles. These ones from Topps Tiles are floating my boat. basement interior design inspiration topps tiles hollygoeslightly

So that’s just a few bits I’m thinking of…can’t wait to see if it all works together!

Have you ever renovated a space like a basement? If so, what were your inspirations?