hollygoeslightly kitchen utensils kettle and toaster

We are well underway with our Kitchen re-design, which is incredibly exciting. And with a new kitchen, comes new kitchen utensils!

We budgeted well for our kitchen, bringing it in at a very reasonable cost, but we feel we’ve managed to achieve a ‘premium’ look. We therefore didn’t want to skimp on the key accessories in the kitchen (the cooker, toaster, kettle, coffee machine etc).

With white butchers tiles and a light-blue colour on the walls, we wanted crisp and clean lines with the accessories. So we opted for chromes, stainless steels and glossy blacks. The cooker is black and chrome (you’ll see photos of this in the final reveal of the kitchen – coming soon!) which off-sets the tiles perfectly. It also makes a nice statement in the kitchen.

So first came an absolute necessity for my hubby…the coffee machine. He’s always wanted one and drinks a lot of coffee, so it was only fair he could treat himself to a machine when we got the house. He opted for the Nespresso Magimix M190 MILK (in ‘Limousine black’). I can’t deny it, it looks good! And although I only drink coffee with syrup, whipped cream and a flake…it does smell good waking up to the smell of fresh coffee and by all accounts it makes a darn good cup!

hollygoeslightly kitchen utensils nespresso magimix coffee machine

Then onto the toaster. Our old one was a cheap plastic thing, so it didn’t even come with us in the move. It’s only when we didn’t have a toaster, that we realised how much we bloody needed one! Apparently I like toast! Now, there are certain things that I just naturally don’t thin or want to spend money on…and one of those things would be a toaster.

So when we chose this Dualit 4-slot Newgen Toaster, I took a sharp intake of breath at the price. £200 for a toaster!! How could we possibly spend that much?! But it is SO PRETTY! and looks great. and is a timeless, classic design. and did I mention how pretty is it?! (We actually bought ours from Curry’s for £150, so there are some deals out there).

hollygoeslightly kitchen utensils dualit toaster hollygoeslightly kitchen utensils dualit toaster side view hollygoeslightly kitchen utensils dualit toaster chrome

So with such a pretty, shiny new toaster, we needed an equally gorgeous kettle. In walks the Alessi ‘Richard Sapper’ designed kettle. Look how stunning it is! Again, not cheap by any stretch of the imagination at £173 (again we got ours cheaper on eBay), but we feel it is so worth it. It’s a design classic and goes so well in our new kitchen. It”s brass whistle also blows a harmonious tune when the water boils, so no horrific screaching when you’re making a cuppa!

hollygoeslightly kitchen utensils alessi kettle

So there we have it…the new additions to our kitchen utensil collection – all happy in their new home. So far, so good – they all do their job very well are easy to use and just look good while doing it.

This is part of my House and Home Series, check out the before pics of our kitchen, as well as the inspiration behind it! The kitchen is nearly complete, so keep your eyes peeled for the final reveal!

What’s your favourite kitchen utensil?