hollygoeslightly hotel du collectionneur reception area

So for the last post in my Paris series, I thought it only right to talk about the stunning Hotel du Collectionneur, where we had a wonderful 3 night stay.

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Mum and I had vowed to “do this trip properly”, which naturally meant staying in a 5* hotel. In all of our previous trips to Paris, we’d never stayed in a hotel, so we didn’t have anywhere particular in mind. We therefore relied on good old Trip Advisor and our own intuition to choose the perfect place to stay.

We decided that near the Champs Elysee would be a good location to base ourselves and as our trip was in March, shouldn’t be overly touristy and busy. So we narrowed our search and stumbled across the Hotel du Collectionneur which is located on the Rue de Courcelles. I immediately loved the art deco features and styling of the hotel and it was one of the few central Paris hotels that had decent sized rooms with 2 double beds in. Sold!

So here is the stunning reception (my photos don’t do it justice!)…

hollygoeslightly hotel du collectionneur reception hollygoeslightly hotel du collectionneur flowers

The reception area was far grander and larger than we’d expected! And plush, with red velvet seating, marble floors, gold walls and impressive flower displays. There are a number of art-deco murals on the walls and the place is spotless! It also smelled gorgeous every time you walked in.

From the reception, there’s views out onto the courtyard, which was well manicured and featured an inflatable clear dome-structure which housed a bar and piano. Bet this looks even more stunning in Summer!

hollygoeslightly hotel du collectionneur courtyard hollygoeslightly hotel du collectionneur bar

The staff at Hotel du Collectionneur were exceptionally friendly and greeted us warmly. I vowed to try and at least attempt to speak French at all points in this trip, so approached the check-in clerk and conversed in my pigeon-French. He was very patient with me, clearly appreciating my attempts at the language and helped us check-in.

Ahead of our arrival, I had emailed the concierge to request the nicest ‘Superior Double Double’ room that they had. And we weren’t disappointed. We had room 418, located on the 4th floor, which was a large spacious room over-looking the courtyard. The room was flooded with light from a large window, had a desk and chair, relaxing table and chair, 2 double beds, a large mini-bar and TV and really luxurious marble art-deco bathroom. Stunning!

(I’m sorry I didn’t take more photos, we were too excited and quickly spread our things out across the room. There are plenty of great photos on the hotel’s website though so take a peak).

Here are some shots of the bedroom. Note the art-deco features an size of the furniture – very comfy!

hollygoeslightly hotel du collectionneur bedroom hollygoeslightly hotel du collectionneur bedroom minibar hollygoeslightly hotel du collectionneur bedroom desk

The mini bar was well stocked, but not the cheapest (as you’d expect). I helped myself to a half-bottle of Chardonnay one evening, which cost 13.5 euros, so not too bad. There was an ice-bucket and an ice machine just along the corridor, so easy to bring your own bottles back.

The rooms were very clean and serviced every day. There was a large comfy dressing-gown for each of us in the wardrobe and some slippers. One thing I must mention is the bath and beauty products! There were loads! Soaps, creams, washes, gels, bath salts, you name it! Shower caps, manicure sets, mouth-wash…you certainly don’t go short! And they replenish daily if needed.

We didn’t go for the B&B option, as we knew we’d be up and out early doors and eating croissant on the streets of Paris. But I naturally checked-out the breakfast menu and it was extensive. So I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed.

One evening, we whiled-away the hours in the hotel’s Purple Bar which was lovely. Very exclusive feeling, but still comfortable and approachable. We ordered cocktails and wine (the cocktails were particularly scrummy!), which were served with complimentary variety of breadsticks and dips, followed-by a series of canapes (smoked salmon blinis and pate en croute). You definitely get the 5* treatment throughout the hotel.

We actually were staying in the hotel during the Rugby 6 nations and realised that Ireland were playing France on the Saturday. The Ireland rugby team were staying at Hotel du Collectionneur, so we bumped into them a few times in the lifts and lobby. The Saturday night (after Ireland won the 6 nations), they came back to the Purple Bar and partied the night away. Me and mum weren’t quite up for the craic, so made our way back to our hotel room and enjoyed another few glasses of wine there.

The hotel has a spa, which, on this occasion, we just didn’t have the time to use. But it looks luxurious and well equipped, so we’ll definitely check it out next visit.

All in all, I’d certainly say that we had a faultless 5* stay in the 5* Hotel Du Collectionneur, Paris. I’d highly recommend it and we shall be staying again for sure. It’s nice to know a hotel in the city where you know you’ll have a lovely stay. I’d say it’s suitable for trips with your mum but also for romantic weekends away as there’s plenty of ambient lighting and low-lit bar areas 🙂

Have you been? Can you recommend any central Paris hotels?