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Being pregnant means you don’t fit into your usual clothes, fact. Despite some more exciting and appealing ranges of maternity fashion out there these days, you can still be left feeling frumpy and bored with your daily clothing selection. It’s also a pain to spend lots of money on a new wardrobe which has a very limited lifespan. So this pregnancy, I’ve invested in a few key pieces, I’ve worn things from my first pregnancy and I’ve tried to make non-maternity fashion work for me where I can.

Don’t get me wrong, if money were no issue I’d happily buy everything going in maternity-version, but I have to be realistic. So my winter “looks” (if you can call them that – I’m no fashionista), have consisted of a hybrid of maternity and non-maternity pieces…

It’s all in the footwear

One thing I’ve always struggled getting right is footwear. I live in my Uggs, especially now I work for myself and not in the corporate world and in Summer, I live in sandals and espadrilles. Generally, I like it like that. But sometimes, just sometimes, I want to feel elevated…a bit less casual or dare I say it “mumsy” and for me, the key to that comes in the footwear.

I’ve been after a really good pair of Autumn/Winter into Spring boots. Not ankles boots, not Uggs, something practical but also smart and fashionable. A pair of boots I could wear with a jumper dress or skinny jeans. A pair of boots that would be supportive and comfortable enough during this pregnancy too. I like knee-high boots but having larger calves and size 5 feet, do find it hard to find the right fit and am often faced with not being able to even get the zip above my ankle in the average high-street shop. This means I rarely wear them and don’t even bother trying them anymore.

But then JD Williams asked me to take a look at their Footwear, as I may just be pleasantly surprised. I knew JD Williams as a brand and had shopped there for clothes before but never looked at their shoes and boots, so it was great to discover a new range and even better when I realised that they did knee-high boots in a variety of calf widths. Woohoo!

I quickly chose the pair and I wanted to try and within a couple of days, they were arriving, packaged all nicely and waiting for me to pop them on…

these boots are made for walking jd williams 2 these boots are made for walking jd williams 3

these boots are made for walking jd williams 1

My Winter Wardrobe Staples

It’s been so nice to just throw these boots on with a jumper dress or skinny jeans and just feel that little less frumpy this winter. I love the colour as they go with pretty much everything and they’re not too casual, not too dressy. They’re ideal for when I head off to a freelancer meeting or on a (very rare) date night with the hubster.

Along with a good cowl neck and my green floor-length coat, I’ve truly completed my Winter look and none of them are maternity items, so I’m sure I’ll be wearing them next Winter too!.

these boots are made for walking jd williams 4 these boots are made for walking jd williams 5 these boots are made for walking jd williams 6

Do you have a few key pieces you like to rotate in your wardrobe?

All photos taken by Georgie Glass.
This post was written in collaboration with JD Williams and the boots were gifted. I was genuinely happy to have some knee-high boots that I could pull over my calves, so like with everything on this blog, only write about them because I like them and think you  might too!