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Sleep. Lack of it. Since becoming a mum, I obsess about sleep as I know lots of you do too. I’m not getting enough at the best of times but when I do, I want to maximise it and make it the best possible sleep I can…the most comfortable sleep! In the uncharacteristically hot nights of late, I have been so relieved that we sleep on wool bedding and then when the temperatures drop, we don’t have to get out a new duvet. Wondering what I’m talking about? I did too, when I attended an event and listened to someone talk about the benefits of sleeping on wool…I thought I’d glaze over in honesty, but when The Wool Room** said they could guarantee a better night’s sleep whatever the weather, my ears pricked (along with about 30 other mums in the room!). Here’s why…

The 5 benefits of sleeping on wool

benefits sleeping wool the wool room hollygoeslightly

I’ll back-track to give you a brief history of sleep since my daughter was born 3 years ago…it’s not been good! She was very much attached to me for the first year of her life, only sleeping on me, in our bed. She gradually moved off me, but still in our bed and the bigger she got, the more room she took up, the sweatier and more uncomfortable our nights became. Then, when aged 2 and still sleeping in our bed every-night, herself tossing and turning, we were truly and utterly exhausted.

But it never occurred to us that our bedding had anything to do with this scenario, or that it could help in any way…

1. It regulates your temperature

Tossing and turning? Hot person? Sound familiar?

Our daughter was always a “warm baby”, in that she never seemed to need or want lots of layers on. This went for her sleep-time too. We didn’t wrap her in blankets, as she just fought them off and when she was old enough to communicate, she’d say she was too hot. I’d see her with a clammy brow, tossing and turning in her sleep and just put it down to her physiology. So when The Wool Room talked about how wool bedding conducted heat, making hot-sleepers cooler by absorbing the heat and also keeping you warm when needed, it suddenly dawned on me that this could be part of the problem. She had always slept with synthetic bedding, like most of us do these days! And even when we started buying 100% cotton sheets and bedding, they were still encapsulating synthetic duvets, pillows and mattresses.

2. It’s all natural

What exactly is wool bedding then?

This was what I was intrigued to find out and The Wool Room say to give their bedding a go for 30 days to see if it truly makes a difference. That’s what we did!

Our natural bedding range is designed to be cosy and warm, but not too hot, helping you get a healthy night’s sleep. You’ll find duvets, pillows, mattress protectors, toppers and more; all made from British wool or alpaca fibres, encased in natural cotton.

So essentially, their all natural bedding range is stuffed with wool which, going back to the days before synthetics, was what people would use to keep warm – so why don’t we use it today? Probably because most of us don’t realise it’s even an option! I know I didn’t! In their own words: Wool wicks moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and helping to prevent night sweats from disturbing your slumber. And as if that’s not enough, as a breathable, natural material, wool also has thermo-regulating properties. That’s why a wool duvet and pillow keep you warm when you’re chilly, but cool when you’re hot.

Makes sense when you think about it doesn’t it? It certainly rang true with my daughter and the fact that there was even a slither of hope that she might sleep better, made me want to try out The Wool Room’s bedding sets for her and us!

3. It’s hypoallergenic

Being one that suffers from hay-fever and allergies, I’ve always slept on hypoallergenic synthetic bedding. So it was another plus-point for me that the benefits of sleeping on wool also included the fact that it was hypoallergenic. And with lots of us suffering from allergies and asthma, it massively appealed when The Wool Room told me there were no risk of bed bugs with their bedding! Win!

4. It’s super comfy

The hubby and I opted for a complete bedding set. We’d spent a lot of money on a well-know brand memory foam mattress, which we love, but know won’t be conducting heat in the best way (which we really discovered in the hot weather we’ve recently had!), so really liked the idea that we could have a wool mattress-topper! Which means we still get the benefits of the memory foam, but with the added benefits that wool brings. We also opted for the wool mattress protector, luxury Alpaca Duvet and deluxe wool pillows. What a set-up! I can tell you, climbing into our bed is now the stuff dreams are made of (when the baby lets us sleep that is!).

5.  It works with your existing mattress

I refer you to the point above! You can most certainly go the whole-hog and buy a wool mattress too, but you don’t have to! However, Flo is the luckiest out of us all, as she had a bespoke made wool mattress that fits her bed perfectly, is deep, sprung and comfortable. I think this was the one element that really made a difference to her sleep.

The question you all want to know – are we sleeping better?

The verdict – us:

Without a shadow of a doubt, The Wool Room bedding has made a difference to our sleep. We’re more comfortable, less sweaty and there’s far less fidgeting when we do actually get some sleep (of course, with a 14-week old baby, I’m not going to pretend we’re getting a full 8 hours!).

The verdict – her:

Flo has benefitted the most so far from her new all-wool set-up. She also has the mattress, lucky devil! Before we used the bedding, she was going down in her own bed, waking every two hours, sweaty and hot (regardless of the weather!) and then ending up in our bed. Since having the bedding, she goes down and sleeps for a good 5-6 hours before waking and when she wakes, she’s not clammy and hot! This is most definitely down to the bedding.

Want to know more?

Have I piqued your interest about the benefits of sleeping on wool? Ha! Thought I might have…

Have a watch of my vlog below, which talks through more about my personal experience with the bedding and shows you it too. And of course, head on over to The Wool Room website and have a read for yourself. The guys that work there are super lovely too, so send them an email, or a DM if you have any questions – and let them know I sent you 🙂

What’s next?

Well, we’re obviously going to further explore the benefits of sleeping on wool with our baby boy as luckily, The Wool Room also do Baby Sleeping bags, blankets and cushions!


**this post is written in collaboration with The Wool Room and I was gifted some of their bedding. However, we genuinely have slept on the bedding, tried it out throughout the last few months and will be keeping it! I wouldn’t share this if I didn’t think you guys might like it too!

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