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[Gifted – the flights I’m talking about in this post were gifted by, however, views are entirely my own and we have been paying to fly with for 8 years now and will continue to do so.]

I’m a firm believer that having kids shouldn’t change your travel plans…they might just alter them a bit. So we’ve made sure we jet off travelling as and when we can, kids in tow – we’ve driven across Europe, flown a number of times and taken the train. Each travel experience has taught me something new and given me handy tips to remember the next time. If you follow my blog, you’ll know we travel to Italy regularly and today’s post (and video!) is all about flying with…

Flying with

Before I get into it, I’ll let this video do the talking…

But if you haven’t got 7 and a half minutes right now, then here’s the 5 reasons why we love flying with

  1. The team at Manchester Airport are always welcoming and happy to help and advise.
  2. You get priority through security and priority boarding at the gate, which is really helpful when you’re juggling kids, prams and car seats! (Tip 2.5: You can also take your pram/buggy right up to the gate with you).
  3. You can check-in online and pre-book your meals (handy tip for keeping the kids entertained on board!).
  4. They have great discounted shopping on-board the flight (I always get my Benefit fix flying with!).
  5. fly to so many amazing destinations, perfect for holidays further afield, as well as European city breaks.  I’m heading to Pisa again in June (paid for by me), and I’m thinking New York might be next on our list!

So there are my top tips for flying with kids and thank you again to for making our journeys so pleasant. We’ve genuinely always had a really great experience with the airline, as we fly with Jet2 at least twice a year to various destinations. Travelling with kids is never the easiest thing to do, and Jet2 make it just that little bit more pleasant 🙂


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