A trip to the Victoria Baths Manchester

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The Victoria Baths opened in Manchester in 1906 as a fully functioning place for people to meet, swim and work-out. It was the original leisure centre. It closed after 87 years and now is under-going restoration and a revitalised events calendar to bring it back to its former glory.

It’s a truly stunning building and it didn’t surprise me one bit when I found out they now host weddings, parties and other events there as it’s packed full of period features and history oozes out of every tile. Can you believe you can have your wedding reception in one of the swimming baths!? Ultra cool. They’ve accented the history of the building with vintage touches like the ‘Well Loved’ sign hanging from the viewing balcony and has that feel that lots of brides and grooms out there are loving…perfect for a vintage or DIY wedding.

The Victoria Baths regularly host vintage fayres and craft shows, which are always jam-packed with cool bits at reasonable prices. It’s nice to know that activities like this are keeping the building alive and functioning, breathing life into something that was ultimately left for dead. I always find it such a shame when you see iconic, wonderous, magnificent buildings like this going to waste. They don’t build like that any more, it’s madness! Walking around the baths, there are details at every turn, from the tiling in the changing rooms to the detailing on the staircase, to the intricate stained glass windows, to the “in” and “out”signs in the entrance hallway. It’s totally inspiring and enchanting. Quite a difference from the beige 1970s community sports centres with grubby lino that we’re subjected to these days.

This building would of once been the heart of the community and I hope it gets back there. It almost makes me want to get married again, just so I can have awesome wedding photos with the stunningly unique backdrop. Don’t think hubby would be up for that somehow…perhaps our anniversary party…hmmmm

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