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Continuing my travel Wanderlust theme on the blog this week, I’ve been thinking about which city on this wonderful planet I’d like to spend 24 hours exploring – and what I’d do in those 24 hours. I’ve been to Paris (one of my favourite places on earth), New York (where I got engaged) and Amsterdam (random trip with mummy)…so I’ve decided that I’d like to spend my 24 hours in Stockholm, Sweden. 

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Having never been to Scandinavia, Sweden has always intrigued me and I love European cities, so am sure I’d fall in love with Stockholm. But what would I do with my day in the city?


A bit of culture

As with most European cities, Stockholm is packed full of museums and galleries. Here’s some I’d definitely make time for in my 24 hours:

  • The Abba Museum – surely there is none more famous from Sweden than Abba? Dancing Queen, Mama Mia, Waterloo…classics! Surely fun for all the family too?
  • Stockholm Palace – just like Buckingham Palace, Stockholm Palace or “The Royal Palace” is still a home for Sweden’s monarch. With over 600 rooms, it’s one of the largest palaces in Europe and itself houses 5 museums! 5! I’d also like to catch the changing of the guard for a bit of Swedish tradition.

24 hours in stockholm palace hollygoeslightly

On the water

  • With it’s many canals, Stockholm looks truly beautiful and I love it when a city is surrounded by water – it feels so romantic. In my 24 hours in Stockholm, I’d be sure to take a scenic canal cruise and finish the rest of the day on foot, to discover what the city truly has to offer.

24 hours in stockholm canals hollygoeslightly

A pick me up

  • Until I researched it, I didn’t realise that Stockholm was famous for its coffee or “Fika”. I think with this packed itinerary, I’d definitely need a Fika fix and would make a pit stop to take in the cafe culture at one of these spots.

24 hours in stockholm fika hollygoeslightly

A Smorgasbord in Stockholm

  • It goes without saying, that I’d spend at least a quarter of my 24 hours in Stockholm eating. Swedish delicacies include pickled herring, lingonberries, fresh meats and open sandwiches. I’d catch an amazing water view at Pontus for lunch and hit some of the street food trucks in between lunch and dinner! I’d be full, by it’d be rude not to wouldn’t it?

The Katarina Elevator & Gondolen bar

  • This is a famous passenger lift that connects Slussen to Sodermalm. It opened in 1936 and stands at 38 metres tall. And luckily, the elevator takes you up to the dizzying heights and views over the harbour, where I’d relish in a romatic dinner with the hubby at Gondolen, which is said to be well worth a visit.

24 hours in stockholm night hollygoeslightly

A cocktail or two

  • If I didn’t have the little lady with me, there’d be no better way than to finish my perfect 24 hours in Stockholm, than with a cocktail (or 3!). If it were just me and hubby, we’d head to Tjoget and Reisen and Brasseriet (which is arguably the chicest cocktail bar in the city apparently). If we did have the little lady, then we’d happily snuggle-up in our hotel room with a bottle of wine, while the little ones sleeps off her magic day in the big city.

So that’d be my 24 hours in Stockholm – have you been? What have I missed?

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24 hours in accor hotels hollygoeslightly

Where would you like to spend 24 hours?


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