lunch at evelyn's manchester duck salad hollygoeslightly

As you know, I love to discover new places to eat and although Evelyn’s Manchester has been around for a little while, I haven’t made it in until recently. I’m so glad we decided to have lunch there, as we were blown away by the stunning interior of the restaurant, as well as the incredibly tasty and original menu. 

My friend Danielle (who writes over at What the FOD!?) has IBS and is on the FODMAP diet. This means there are a lot of things she can’t eat, including gluten, onions and garlic. I’d been told that Evelyn’s Manchester has a great selection of gluten-free options but we were blown-away by how accommodating the staff were when Danielle explained that she couldn’t eat onions or garlic either. Our wonderful waiter didn’t roll his eyes as so many do, instead he popped back to the kitchen and returned a few minutes later with the menu and talked her through which dishes she could have and how they could alter some of the ones she couldn’t. This meant that for once, Danielle could actually have dishes to choose from for both starter and main.

I, on the other hand, had the entire menu at my disposal and thought I’d go for things I wouldn’t usually choose.

I have to apologise in advance, as the excitement of eating out at Evelyn’s Manchester with my bestie, took over and I barely remembered to photograph my food. Bad food blogger. (I did post it live on my instagram story though). But I can promise you, the food was bloody delicious!

Here’s what we ate:

Small plates

Me – Crispy duck, sesame, plum salad

Danielle – White fish ceviche, yuzu, lemongrass, shallots*, avocado (*Danielle had it without shallots so it was FODMAP free)


Me – Crab and shrimp burger, basil aioli, chilli, fennel, chips

Danielle – Potato hash, duck, fried egg and vegetables

lunch at evelyn's manchester kitchen hollygoeslightly lunch at evelyn's manchester hollygoeslightlylunch at evelyn's manchester mirror hollygoeslightlylunch at evelyn's manchester doorway hollygoeslightlylunch at evelyn's manchester duck selfie hollygoeslightly lunch at evelyn's manchester menu hollygoeslightly lunch at evelyn's manchester duck salad hollygoeslightly lunch-at-evelyns-manchester-ceviche-hollygoeslightlylunch at evelyn's manchester hash hollygoeslightly

I can’t recommend Evelyn’s Manchester enough for somewhere to eat out. Located in the Northern Quarter, the restaurant itself is gorgeous and comfortable and the food is fresh and interesting and I can certainly vouch for the staff and Chefs being extremely accommodating.

Do you have a special dietary requirement and find it difficult to eat out sometimes?