Can We Have It All? Chat with Instagram Influencer Katie Woods

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I’m so excited to finally have good friend and “accidental instagram influencer Katie Woods aka Come Down to the Woods on the podcast! In this episode we chat about everything from what Katie actually thinks of the term “influencer”, how she says “no” to some brand work and the pressure of having over 190k followers on instagram!

Can We Have It All? podcast episode 9

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I’ll let the podcast episode do the talking, but some of the things we cover in today’s chat are:

  • influencer industry
  • juggling being a paid influencer, dentist & mum of four
  • being open about money in the industry
  • some useful tools Katie uses
  • why being kind to yourself is so important

I love this episode and I think for anyone interested in the reality of being an instagram influencer and how it sits alongside other work, life and family, you’re going to love it too! Katie is a very open and honest person and that’s a great thing for you listeners as there’s lots to learn from her.

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