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I adored recording this episode of the Can we have it all podcast: a chat with woman entrepreneur Jen Stanbrook. We had a right giggle and I find Jen’s story fascinating! I also found out a few things I didn’t already know about her… hold on to the end, to discover why I love Jen even more now!

Can We Have It All? podcast episode 14

I’ll let the podcast episode do the talking, but some of the things we cover in today’s chat are:

  • her journey from the corporate world, to successful blogger & Pinterest Marketing Strategist
  • why finding your people is so important to your success
  • raising and supporting women (and what we’ve learned from bullies)
  • where we think the Blogger industry is going next.

No matter what career you’re in, there’s inspiration to be taken from this episode. Me and Jen could have talked all day, so I see a follow-up coming some day!

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