miracle swimsuit trieste hollygoeslightly

Has anyone else booked a holiday and thought, uh oh, I don’t quite feel ready to get into that swimsuit or bikini? That was definitely how I felt in November when I popped over to Italy for a couple of weeks with the family.

Now, I wasn’t being too tough on myself as I’d given birth just 3 months prior to this getaway, but I still wanted to feel good about myself and knew I wasn’t ready for a bikini or anything too skimpy. Plus, not being summer, I wanted a swimsuit that was more of a cover-up, more demure (some might say). 

I was sent the Miraclesuit and my prayers had been answered! My swimsuit is last season’s, but is very similar to this one from the current season: the Trieste Go Glam Swimsuit. I love that the swimsuit offered a bit more of a cover-up, without feeling frumpy and the extra gathering around the front, disguises a multitude of sins (particularly after the excesses of Christmas!). The sweetheart neckline is super flattering and the back is scooped without being too low. And the material is really structured and holds everything in…brilliant!

Look how pretty. Quite 1950s almost – love it!

And here’s what I looked like in it…(not)…

miracle swimsuit trieste beachwear hollygoeslightly

Now as it was winter in Italy, I wore my swimsuit to an indoor pool, where cameras weren’t allowed. So lucky you, you don’t have to see me in it! Ha!

But I was really impressed with the quality, structure and support of the Miraclesuit and I think it’s a great way to feel body confident by the pool (which isn’t ever easy in January is it?). Oh and the cool thing about the Trieste Go Glam Swimsuit is, the little gold clasps on the front can be moved along the material, which means you can adjust the ruching to fit your shape…what an awesome little touch. The straps can also be adjusted to tweak the cleavage area, perfect if you’re a bigger busted lady like myself.

I actually can’t wait to wear my Miraclesuit again next month, when I embark on swimming lessons with the little one. I’ll feel very glam in the kids pool 😉

Have you got a holiday booked yet for 2016? Or will you be hitting the pool any time soon?