shopping guide novelty christmas jumper

Still paying off the wedding and in the midst of buying a house has meant that I’ve been penny-pinching for months now and what’s been last on my list is my wardrobe (bad I know!). I always seem to find some money to eat out though…hmmm!

I can be a bit of an impulsive shopper and sometimes buy things that a) I don’t actually need and b) don’t suit my curvy size 12/14 (I still think I’m a curvy 10!). I therefore decided to actually create a shopping list before hitting the shops this weekend, so I had more focus and didn’t end up wasting much needed cash.

So whilst I was trying to decide what I actually wanted, I thought I’d share some of the awesome things I found and covet! So here’s my Shopping Guide for the coming season… 

Maroon Knitted Jumper Dress – New Look 

shopping guide new look jumper

Leather Chelsea Boots – ASOS 

shopping guide chelsea boot

Good pair of Skinny Jeans – Tesco

shopping guide skinny jeans

Brown Desert Hug Boot – Clarks

shopping guide clarks

Smart but warm Jumper – ASOS

shopping guide new look jumper

Winter Hat – New Look

shopping guide winter bobble hat

Festive Party Dress – River Island

shopping guide prom dress

Obligatory Novelty Xmas Jumper – New Look

shopping guide novelty christmas jumper

Dream Buy – Dolce and Gabbana, Flannels

shopping guide dolce and gabbana

So this is what I set out with in mind. Keep your eyes peeled for what I actually ended up buying!