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Career milestones in your thirties – what we see vs real life

[ad: this post is written in collaboration with Bupa Health Clinics, the content is my own and is entirely something I feel passionately about]

I don’t know whether it’s because I’m quickly approaching my mid-thirties, or whether my second child is now a one-year-old and I’m coming out of the fog of new-motherhood again, but I’ve been particularly reflective this year thinking a lot about where I want to be in life and what my next step should be. I think when you turn 30, it’s such a significant milestone that it comes with a helluva lot of pressure…. Continue reading

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Carly Rowena – Juggling Motherhood and an Epic Career: Podcast Episode 3

Episode 3 of my podcast Can We Have It All? is my first interview with a fellow mama doing her thang…and gosh it’s a good’un! Carly Rowena is someone who I’ve discovered over the last year and totally adore…her content is amazing, her attitude is uplifting and she’s really good at what she does!

Find out more about the Health & Fitness Influencer, Personal Trainer and Entrepreneur by clicking above to listen. Carly Rowena takes us through her journey, where it all began, how she knew she could leave the 9 to 5 and how she earns money now. She’s also frank about the juggle with her new baby and her goals for the future. There’s also some great practical tips and inspirational chat that might just be what you need to hear right now.

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5 Reasons to go to the Theatre in Manchester

[Gifted – this post is written in collaboration with The Opera House and Palace Theatres – I have been gifted tickets to attend a number of shows, but my views are purely my own and recommendations entirely genuine.]

I have always been an avid lover of the theatre and live performances. When I used to live in London, I’d regularly attend shows in the West End and since moving to Manchester, I’ve become a regular at two of Manchester’s best theatre venues: The Opera House and Palace Theatre. This year, I’ve seen some amazing shows and I’ve got some more lined-up too, so I thought I’d best put together a post of the 5 reasons to go to the theatre, right here in Manchester…

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