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Lockdown positives: Enjoy a hobby

As lockdown continues and we’re faced with a slightly uncertain or certainly slightly different future, in terms of what that actually looks like, I’m finding that focussing on the positives now more than ever, is getting me through the week. So I thought I’d start a blog series called ‘Lockdown positives. In each post, I’ll focus on a different positive of lockdown life (from my experience), in the hope that it might help you look on the bright side if and when you need it. So for the first in the series, I thought I’d focus on hobbies and the opportunity many of us identified to lift our spirits and enjoy a hobby. Here’s mine…

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Can We Have It All? Chat with Instagram Influencer Katie Woods

I’m so excited to finally have good friend and “accidental instagram influencer Katie Woods aka Come Down to the Woods on the podcast! In this episode we chat about everything from what Katie actually thinks of the term “influencer”, how she says “no” to some brand work and the pressure of having over 190k followers on instagram!

Can We Have It All? podcast episode 9

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23 more things to do with kids during lockdown
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23 more things to do with kids during lockdown

As we’re entering week 3426 of lockdown here in the UK, there are many of us parents who are struggling to keep our children (and ourselves) stimulated and entertained. CBeebies is creeping back in, every film on Disney+ has been watched and the ipads are hot with overuse…am I alone? I know I’m not, as when I put a frustrated, guilty, pleading post out on my instagram stories the other day, about 50 of you responded to say that you felt the same! What’s more, so many of you shared ideas that you’d been doing and so I promised to collate them all and pass them on. So here we go, here’s even more things to do with kids during lockdown…

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