Summer Dining with Layered Lounge

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Summer Dining with Tableware by Layered Lounge

Happy summer (sort of)! I want to return to an Interiors brand I’ve recently discovered and who I’ve been super excited to collaborate with this month: Layered Lounge. If you didn’t catch my recent post introducing my new amazing tableware then do have a look, as you’ll get to know the two ladies behind the brand and also a sneak peak of the items I chose to give our at-home dining experience the wow factor.

Summer Dining with Layered Lounge

There’s no denying that when the sun shines, food looks and tastes better. I love eating fresh, vibrant food in the summer months – you know food that gives you energy and revitalises, as opposed to the stodgy hibernation fodder of the winter months. When I received our new tableware, it got me thinking about Summer dining, dinner parties and family eating. Everything is more fun with the patio doors open, or even better, al fresco…

summer dining with layered lounge stoneware bowl fruit

Get it where we can!

In the UK and particularly here in Manchester where rain is a very regular occurrence, we jump at the chance to dine outside. And although we don’t get a whole lot of use out of them, our garden patios are the hub of our summer dining. Ours included.

When we renovated our home, we envisaged the outdoor space from day one. I wanted an indoor-outdoor feel with our open-plan living space opening and leading directly outdoors. We achieved this via 6 metres of bifold doors that open up the entire back of the house and a composite deck that allows you to walk seamlessly from one space to the other.

This means that we can eat indoors at our dining table with the doors and sky-light windows open and feel like we’re al fresco. We can also enjoy our patio dining table on the deck for true outdoors quaffing.

summer dining with layered lounge stoneware tableware

summer dining with layered lounge stoneware tableware platessummer dining with layered lounge stoneware plates

Layered Lounge tableware

I’ve really found my tableware mojo lately! I’ve been enjoying and taking pride in the everyday dining that we have at home. You know, even the simple family meals. We’re all foodies and relish the chance to sit together, around the table (something that’s extremely important to me), so why not use good tableware to enhance the experience? I think I’d underestimated that previously!

So, rather than keeping things “for best” and only using the “good stuff” rarely, I’ve decided that any dining experience is worth it! Even just a regular Saturday picnic lunch in the garden with the family.

I’ve therefore been getting the Layered Lounge stoneware out frequently and enjoyed showing it off recently for our “British tapas” picnic lunch, as well as our weekly dinners.

summer dining with layered lounge tableware vegetables

summer dining with layered lounge tableware summer fruits

Summer dining – what we’re serving from:

In case you’re loving our Layered Lounge tableware as much as us, here’s the products we have:

Astoria Stoneware Serving Bowl

Astoria Stoneware Platter

Astoria Stoneware Serving Plate

Mottle Blue Dinner Plate

Mottle Blue Serving Bowl

Oslo Bowl

We also interspersed with some of our existing table and glassware for that eclectic home-dining feel.

The out-takes – “I carried a watermelon”

They say never work with children or animals. I work with both, regularly!

My daughter particularly, is interested in “mummy’s work” and loves it when I get the camera out. She found it particularly intriguing when I was posing, holding various objects and fruits out in front of me for the camera. She, of course, wanted a piece of the action.

So here she is, loving life, with her watermelon…

summer dining with layered lounge behind the scenes

summer dining with layered lounge behind the scenes kids


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