I’m trying a Temple Spa regime of ‘Go Figure’, ‘Giving it the brush off’ and ‘No pain No gain’.

My main “problem areas” are the backs of my thighs and my bottom. There’s definitely plenty of room to reduce the cellulite in these locations! I’ve only dared to bare recently on my honeymoon, where I felt anonymous enough in Italy and entirely content following the wedding. I followed a regime in the weeks leading up to my wedding and honeymoon and I’m going to continue following it again.

The wonderful Rachel Jebson of Temple Spa spotted me talking about my Bridal Body regime on my blog via Twitter months ago and mentioned some products that would help me along my way, if used in a routine and accompanied with a balanced diet and exercise regime. So I went online, purchased the recommended products and set off to achieve the cellulite-free body of my dreams.

Go Figure Gel

Go Figure

The first and main product of this regime is the ‘Go Figure‘ gel, RRP £25. Designed to be your “new best friend for bums, tums & thighs”, it visibly reduces cellulite, smoothes, tones and firms the skin. This product smells lovely and fresh and has a great non-sticky consistency. It’s not thick and gloopy and seems to be absorbed into the skin fairly quickly. You’re supposed to use this product twice a day, morning and evening, on dry skin with the help of the ‘No Pain No Gain’ brush (which I’ll get on to next). The bottle says ‘Magic Knickers In A Bottle’ – and I hope it’s true!

No Pain No Gain brush

No Pain No Gain

The second product, which you’re advised to use alongside the ‘Go Figure’ gel, is the ‘No Pain No Gain‘ brush, RRP £16. It comes in a super cute waterproof pouch and looks relatively un-scary. It’s an “anti-cellulite” massager with wooden nodules that give a deep tissue massage when used rigorously in circular motions on the target areas. It says it breaks down toxins and increases circulation, which all helps to reduce cellulite. Again, you’re advised to use twice a day, morning and evening, on dry skin with the ‘Go Figure’ gel.

Giving it the Brush Off

Giving it the Brush Off

The third product, to be used daily, is ‘Giving it the Brush Off‘, RRP £16. A softer bristled brush that you use on dry skin, to help improve the texture and appearance of your skin, improve circulation and remove dead skin cells. You use this all over your body and it certainly feels quite rigorous…in a nice way!

All in all, I’ve found my new Temple Spa anti-cellulite regime approachable and effective. It does take time and perseverance, both of which I sometimes lack. As someone who spends about 10 minutes getting ready of a morning and barely remembers to moisturise daily, it has been a challenge for me to find time to spend on a regime like this. But I know it will be beneficial and it’s about time I dedicated a bit of “me time” each morning and evening. It actually felt quite indulgent first time round and I think it’s important that we all feel this now and then.

I will continue to use these Temple Spa products in the hope to see a noticeable difference on my “problem areas”. I’m not expecting any miracles here, but I do expect some sort of visible change.

For more details of Temple Spa and the products available (moisturisers, firming creams, shower gels, massage oils, tanning products, scrubs and more) contact:

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