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The blogging world can, believe it or not, be a lonely one unless you actively meet other bloggers. Although bloggers may get to attend events, openings, awards and go out and travel, review restaurants or other awesome stuff…we essentially spend the majority of our blogging lives glued to our laptops and phones…alone. (Cue violins)…

BUT, if you look, there are many ways to meet other bloggers, other people who like to talk about blogging, the good and the bad, people that don’t glaze over when you’re questioning the latest instagram algorithm and why you keep getting so many follows-unfollows (damn them!).

Meet Other Bloggers

However, about 4 years ago when I started blogging, I felt like I was the only one doing it. I used to be embarrassed to take my camera out and photograph my food in restaurants, or I’d ask permission from stall-holders at markets to photograph and promote their products. What?! My hubby would roll his eyes when I was trying to perfect that selfie for social media and photographing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING we did.

I moved to Manchester and blogged because I was getting to know this awesome city and wanted to shout about it and tell my London friends how cool it was ‘tup north. But I felt lonely and didn’t know anyone else in Manchester that was a blogger too.

So I sent a tweet out one day to see if anyone else was out there doing the same thing and wanting to meet. Fast forward 3.5 years and I’m now running regular blogger events, workshops and meet-ups, as #WeBlogMCR. And it’s awesome!


I get to learn and be inspired by hundreds of other bloggers in Manchester and the North-West and I get to do what I love, which is organise events and meet people. Every time I run an event, I’m reminded how many awesome, talented and creative people there are out there and I get such a buzz as I’m excited to know them and collaborate with them, making us all better bloggers.

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Any way I’m going to stop gushing but I wanted to write this post in case there’s anyone out there reading this that blogs and is feeling a bit lonely or uninspired. Well don’t! Come along to the next #WeBlogMCR event and subscribe to be part of an awesome bloggers collective.

Do you have or are you thinking about starting a blog or vlog? Share your details here so I can be sure to follow you!