Silver Cross Zest

If you follow me on social media, particularly on my instagram, then you will have seen our Silver Cross Zest stroller on a few occasions. In fact, it’s popped-up in a number of countries in its short life and has been a fantastic travel companion for us.

From birth, our little lady loved being chauffeured around in her Silver Cross Surf 2 travel system and in the limited edition Eton Grey, I was very proud pushing her around. When she hit ten months and we were going away to Italy for 3 weeks, we knew that practically, a stroller would be more suitable and of course we wanted to stick with Silver Cross. 

Thinking about 3 weeks in and out of the car, in the summer sun, we knew we needed something lightweight, compact, portable and with good sun protection. So we chose the Silver Cross Zest – perfetto! We figured we’d be able to pull-off a “chilli-red” in Italy too.

The stroller arrived in a large branded box and was 90% put-together already, all I had to do was add the parasol and unfold it and bobs-your-uncle, we had a stroller. I liked it instantly. As with all things Silver Cross design, the Zest is stylish and chic. It’s simple, sleek and easy to figure-out.

Now when you’re used to a travel system, it does feel different when going out with a stroller for the first time. It doesn’t manoeuvre in the same way and there isn’t as much of a suspension, but that’s not what it’s designed for. It’s designed to be light, nippy and easy to get around with. Getting into shops and sitting in cafes is much easier than with the travel system.

Our little lady was super comfy in it, particularly enjoying the footrest so she could sprawl out and be pushed around at her leisure. The back also reclines in three different positions, so if she falls asleep (which she inevitably does), we can discreetly recline her without her noticing (it actually lays completely flat!). It’s a really smooth mechanism.

The Silver Cross Zest has an impressive hood which covers a large area – really important when in Italy as she needed the protection from the strong sun.

silver cross zest doorway hollygoeslightlysilver cross zest baby reclined hollygoeslightly silver cross zest baby happy hollygoeslightly silver cross zest baby asleep hollygoeslightlysilver cross zest stroller baby smiling hollygoeslightly silver cross zest baby smiling hollygoeslightlysilver cross zest baby stroller hollygoeslightlysilver cross zest promenade hollygoeslightly silver cross zest mummy stroller hollygoeslightly silver cross zest mummy pushing hollygoeslightly silver cross zest daddy stroller hollygoeslightly

We are really happy with this stroller and get lots of compliments on it when we’re out and about and we’re really proud to have a beautiful British-made product. I can see us sticking with Silver Cross as our family grows.

If I were to nit-pick, the only downside is the handy basket which, like the travel system is a little on the small side compared to some of the other brands on the market. It has been plenty big enough for everything I’ve needed on a trip out, but extra space can always be filled when out and about with a little one can’t it?

But the main things you need to know if considering buying the Silver Cross Zest is:

  • it’s super light (5.8kg to be exact)
  • it’s really easy to fold-up and down
  • it’s got a great hood for shade
  • the seat is particularly roomy and the lay-flat recline is a great bonus for little sleepers
  • it looks great!

Oh and for all of you living in Britain like myself, then you’ll know that we don’t only need protection from the sun, but more inevitably, from the rain! The Silver Cross Zest comes with a large, easy to slip-on rain cover (which has seen lots of use too) – handy!

Here’s a bit of a 360 – what do you think?

silver cross zest 360 hollygoeslightly