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The name Layered Lounge came to us when realising that when putting a theme together in a room that “layering” is very important – by adding layers of textures, colours and materials used make a room have warmth and depth and interest. And lounge – well that’s just a place where most people can go and relax!

[ad: This post is written in collaboration with Layered Lounge. Thoughts are entirely my own and I was inspired by the business these two mums had created. So as usual, I wouldn’t share this with you, if I didn’t truly love it!]

It feels like we’ve been in the finishing stages of our renovation for years! You know, the bit where you get to add colour, texture and finesse to your room design. That sprinkle of magic dust that makes your renovation go from dusty mess, to Living magazine-worthy… but really, none of our rooms are totally finished. Some rooms are nearly there, but I don’t feel like we’ve totally nailed it!

Part of the reason for this is because I think I’ve put so much focus on the big-ticket items…the sofas, the beds, the lighting. And less on the smaller details that really bring character and style to a space. One area that I seemed to envy when visiting other people’s houses, was their dining space. Take my recent Insta-retreat with the No House Rules gals at the amazing house of Deborah Vos, for example – her dining space was insane! She not only had beautiful dining furniture, but also stunning tableware. I hadn’t really thought about tableware being “pieces” and individual statements. I found myself drooling over her stoneware and serving platters and knowing I needed to up my dinner-party game!

tableware by layered lounge plates

In strolls Layered Lounge…

…who I met online via instagram. This is what I love about the platform: you get to meet and connect with amazing people that you may not have discovered otherwise. I checked out their website and instantly fell in love with their brand and products and then when I found out more about the two ladies behind the brand, I was sold! More on that later…

Here was my chance to update our tableware with Layered Lounge – woohoo! I scrolled through, virtually drooling at the plates, serving platters and stoneware bowls. I wanted it all! But focus Holly…what’s the end goal?

GOAL: I wanted to bring an air of sophistication to our dinner parties. I wanted tableware that would enable one-pot sharers that the whole family could enjoy. And who am I kidding, I wanted an insta-worthy dining table to fill my grid with ;-).

CHOOSING: So, taking inspiration from the aforementioned Deborah Vos, I decided to go for a mix of tableware by Layered Lounge and chose varying styles, shapes and textures that I felt would come together beautifully and add “layers” to our dining styling.

THE RESULTS: I chose a mix of the Mottle Blue Dinner Plates and Serving Bowl, Astoria Serving Plates and Stoneware Bowl and my pièce de résistance: the Oslo Bowl.

tableware by layered lounge stoneware

My chosen tableware by Layered Lounge – what do you think?


The ladies behind Layered Lounge

The thing I love about this brand, is that it’s run by two mums. I know how blimmin’ hard it is to do anything when you’re a mum, let alone set-up a brand and business. So I always love to champion women like Lou and Suzy, who I think are incredible. So let’s find out more about them and what exactly Layered Lounge is…

layered lounge founders

Who are faces behind the brand?

Lou worked in event organising and recruitment then took a career break to have her 2 girls.
Suzy worked in the city in banking and again took a break to have her 3 children.

Where and how was Layered Lounge conceived?

It started at the school gates, with Suzy and I who are two like minded mothers firstly chatting about their girls settling into the new school. The conversations about work soon was discussed and the idea that going back to work when the kids were at a suitable age kept coming up with us! We really wanted to achieve something for us that could work around our children and home lives.

We toyed with a few business ideas over glasses of wine and decided that interiors was both of our passions. Suzy has taken on many house/flat renovations over the years and I was fortunate enough to build my own house and project manage it with my builder.

The name Layered Lounge came to us when realising that when putting a theme together in a room that “layering” is very important – by adding layers of textures, colours and materials used make a room have warmth and depth and interest. And lounge – well that’s just a place where most people can go and relax!

What makes Layered Lounge different from other interiors outlets?

We are lovers of fresh, simple designs that suit the home, with beautifully muted colour palettes. We are inspired by the interiors of Scandinavia, The Hampton’s and Australia (if only we lived in that climate!). The revival of a modern coastal design is certainly making a come back and we just love it. We work very hard to make collections sit together well so that the colours, design and looks all sit cohesively together.
We hand pick all our products and take items from only the finest of producers and we love the fact that many designs are hand finished. We are very conscious too of price point and quality, this is very important when choosing any of the products for the website. We offer tableware, lighting, textiles, glasses, homes accents including candle holders, and we support a local boy to us with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, with £2 from each sale of our own branded candles and diffusers, going to his charity Action4Archie.

Where do you see Layered Lounge in 5 years time / what’s the future of the brand?

The future is BIG! We aim to be known as a go to brand that provides you with quality, different products that you’d be rest assured have been personally picked with that in mind. Your home deserves the best. We will be sitting amongst The White Company, Cox & Cox as a brand that has the different pieces that your home deserves. We are often complimented as being a Neptune brand with a more modern edge with better pricing.

Why should we shop at Layered Lounge?

For quality and price point and our products are not a fad, but items to be loved and enjoyed in ones home.

tableware by layered lounge serving plate

So want to see how I’ve been using my new tableware? Stay tuned, as part 2 will be coming VERY soon…


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