**Some of the items mentioned below were gifted by Cox & Cox – thank you so much**

Well since I’m now a fully-fledged vlogger…oh yeh, didn’t you know? (lols). I have a Youtube Channel, which in fact, I’ve had for years, but have only posted on intermittently as I’ve never quite found my groove with the video/vlogging thing. But spurred on by Joe Suggs of Youtube and now Strictly Come Dancing fame (#goals!), I’m getting my butt firmly into video. Anyway, I digress…the point is, I do enjoy making videos and I am in fact, starting to find some semblance of a groove…so I’m going to try and post more regularly onto my Youtube channel and create more video-based content. And what better season to start within, than Christmas. So I’ve started with a video/vlog of us getting ready for Christmas at the Woods…

Getting ready for Christmas at the Woods

The Christmas Tree

So the video above shows us choosing our Christmas tree here in Manchester. We go to a lovely place, called Tree Amigos (see what they did there?!) in Longford Park, where we can walk amongst the sustainably farmed trees and choose which one we want. We thought it’d be a fun excursion for our daughter, who is now three and totally engulfed in the magic of Christmas.

Getting our tree home, it was on to the busy task of decorating it…and boy do we have a lot of decorations to fit on our beautiful 8ft tree!

Personally, I like an eclectic mix of baubles and decoration, contemporary and traditional with golds, silvers and sparkles dominating the tree.

Christmas Decorations

It’s not just the tree that we like to make all festive – it’s the entire space and front of our house. We don’t go overboard, opting for chic festive rather than over-the-top-santa-hanging-out-of-your-chimney festive. That seems to work for us and bring just the right amount of festive cheer to our doorstep.

This year, the lovely folks at Cox & Cox introduced me to their Cox & Cox Christmas decorations. I have to admit, renovating our house, I know and love Cox & Cox well and covet many-an-item of furniture from them, but totally hadn’t realised they do Christmas decs too! So when they were kind enough to let me choose a few pieces to finish our festive sprucing, I could not resist some serious reindeer head and festive light love!

The reindeer heads

getting ready christmas at the woods coxandcox christmas rattan deer head    getting ready christmas at the woods coxandcox christmas rattan deer head 2

We opted for two different approaches to festive decor – one being a woven rattan deer head to mount on the wall (nods to a more traditional, country-house style Christmas) and the other being a large neon-light deer head (far more contemporary!). We have a totally eclectic style throughout our home and I love both rattan and neon! So why the heck shouldn’t the two go together?

The stars

getting ready christmas at the woods coxandcox christmas stars 4  getting ready christmas at the woods coxandcox christmas stars 3getting ready christmas at the woods coxandcox christmas stars 2

For our third Cox & Cox Christmas decoration, we went for a serious crowd please and absolute insta-gold…the Frosted Fir Lit Stars which are battery powered and absolutely my favourite things. They fit into any festive interior and really give our hallway a chic touch of Christmas.

What do you think…?

Do you have a festive style?