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When we pack for Summer in Italy, it’s always a happy time, as we know the weather is guaranteed to be brilliant and we can actually wear the summer dresses and clothes we’ve wanted to all year. This year would be extra fun too, as our daughter is now a toddler and we have fun dressing-up together and in my books, twinning is winning with your little ones! One of my favourite brands, Boden also do a fantastic label for the little’uns called Mini Boden and we decided we’d rock a bit of Boden summer fashion on our holiday…

Boden Summer Fashion

Now I’m officially in my thirties, my fashion taste and style has developed slightly and being a mum too, I find I’m drawn to more classic styles, flattering fits and more chic designs. I still love fashion and being on trend, but I try to fill the majority of my wardrobe with pieces that I know I’ll be able to wear again and again and I think more about quality now, over quantity.

With my daughter, who is nearly two, I also don’t like to over-buy when it comes to her clothes as they only wear them for a matter of weeks and when it comes to summer, we don’t get much of one here in England, so I have to resist the temptation to buy too many summer dresses.

So when packing for our month in Italy, I was quite considered about what we’d take and what we’d actually wear when out there.

I love the Italian style and feeling when out in Tuscany, so wanted some summer dresses that would be comfortable in the heat, but feel glamorous too when discovering the beautiful Tuscan towns. The Italians do casual chic very well you see.

So we opted for a bit of Boden summer fashion and I chose dresses that would complement some of my daughter’s Mini Boden outfits too!]

Feeling chic in Tuscany

The boden dresses I took with me, were perfect for the warm summer evenings and I felt great in them. I got lots of compliments when out in Tuscany and they were staples in my summer wardrobe.

The little lady’s wardrobe was enviable too! Her mini boden gingham romper is one of my favourite things ever and was perfect for afternoons at the beach club when she was in paddling and playing in the sand. I love the retro feel to it and with it being so hot in Italy, it really was the ideal thing for her to wear and not feel overheated. Her blue stripey dress with yellow trim was another personal favourite of mine too.

And here we are rocking our #bodenbyme looks!


boden summer fashion 1

boden summer fashion

boden summer fashion 2

LARA WRAP¬†DRESS – SHOP THE LOOK – AND IT’S IN THE SALE!!! (different colours/patterns available)

ME: LARA WRAP DRESS – SHOP THE LOOK – AND IT’S IN THE SALE!!! (different colours/patterns available)


I really am a dress lover and I feel like I’ve found my summer look now. I prefer dresses that sit at the knee or mid-calf. I like them nipped in at the waist, to accentuate my curves and a cross-over at the front or a deep v-neck with a capped-sleeve flatters my figure and feels more demure.

What are your summer wardrobe style? Do you “twin” with your little ones? (or is it just me? lol)


Please note: We were sent these amazing dresses by Boden, but I wouldn’t talk about them if I didn’t genuinely love them!