So last Wednesday, my hubby and I were lucky enough to be whisked off for a corporate evening of 20/20 cricket and hospitality at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground. It happened to be my birthday too, so things worked out nicely.

Having never been to a professional cricket match before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I went with an open-mind and my best dress on.

We were being hosted by a lovely group of gents, who welcomed us with open arms and an open bar. There was a fab buffet of grilled chicken, vegetable lasagne, roast potatoes and other goodies. Also cheese-boards and the most divine raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake. We certainly didn’t go hungry.

So after wolfing down our dinner and with a glass of wine in hand, we headed-out to the balcony, ready for the cricket to commence.

For all you 20/20 novices out there like me, it’s a much more approachable and fast-paced game. No settling in for a 3-day test match – the average game lasts approx 2 hours. This was like music to my ears and surprisingly it only took a few minutes (and impressive running commentary from my fellow watchers), for me to get thoroughly in to it. The game was Yorkshire vs Lancashire and being an honorary Manc, I knew who I had to cheer on. 2 hours later, we were victorious! (Note the “we” used here…total glory hunter!).

It was a great night and the corporate hospitality facilities at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground were very impressive. And to top it all off, we were home by 9.30pm and in bed by 10pm! Wild!

Here’s me in my birthday dress, from Anthropologie.

me getting ready for 20/20 cricket manchester

Great views of the ground.

old trafford cricket ground

Enjoying the obligatory glass of wine…in a plastic cup…chic!

wine at 20/20 cricket old trafford

Can you spot my new dress?

watching 20/20 cricket old trafford

new stand at old trafford cricket ground

Any other cricket converts out there?