23 more things to do with kids during lockdown

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As we’re entering week 3426 of lockdown here in the UK, there are many of us parents who are struggling to keep our children (and ourselves) stimulated and entertained. CBeebies is creeping back in, every film on Disney+ has been watched and the ipads are hot with overuse…am I alone? I know I’m not, as when I put a frustrated, guilty, pleading post out on my instagram stories the other day, about 50 of you responded to say that you felt the same! What’s more, so many of you shared ideas that you’d been doing and so I promised to collate them all and pass them on. So here we go, here’s even more things to do with kids during lockdown…

First, I’ll point you to a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago, at the beginning of lockdown called 10 things to do with 2 kids during lockdown. That’s probably a good place to start for ideas. Then come back here to read the rest…

23 more things to do with kids during lockdown…

These are not in any particular order, nor are they age-specific, but I have a nearly 5 year old and a nearly 2 year old so have been collating all sorts of ideas, so reckon they’re pretty kid-universal!…

Online sessions/Education

  1. Most of us know, love and use the hoop app to find out what groups/activities are on in our local area. Well they’ve even got us covered for things indoors.
  2. Got a budding scientist on your hands? These sessions are suitable for 2-7 year olds and are on daily.
  3. This is a great time-table that collates all those online class-room bits, from Joe Wicks, to drawing, to cooking and music. Print it out!
  4. Your kids into creative writing? Check out this from Sparky Author
  5. Into languages? Try these online french sessions for kids and parents
  6. Ana Banana Music has been a firm-favourite group with both my kids (and me!)…and her weekly online sessions have been the favourite part of all of our week!
  7. We’ve been using these phonics sessions, Mon-Fri as part of our “schooling” routine. 15 mins or so, totally manageable and similar to the curriculum I’m told
  8. This online toy shop money game is a fab one to keep them occupied for a little while.
  9. subscribe to lemon-aid parenting newsletter – it’s brill, packed full of ideas and it lands in your inbox every day! Plus it’s written by a mama, also on lockdown, so how she finds the time to collate this for all of us each day, is beyond me! It’s worth subscribing just to show our support!

23 more things to do with kids during lockdown paint nails

At Home ideas / Garden

  1. If you’ve got a printer – Google ‘kids drawing print-outs’ and print a bunch for them to colour in
  2. Make a Lockdown Time Capsule – really enjoying this! And will be a lovely thing to look back on. Plus it’s helped shift me into a more positive mindset when I’ve needed it.
  3. Someone suggested that you freeze some of their smaller toys in water & get them to dig them out with spoons or something safe. Like that idea and simple/free!
  4. Draw round your hands, draw nails onto the fingers & give your kids nail varnish (that you’re not bothered about!) and let them paint their nails.
  5. @minicowan suggested getting all their books out, make a library along the sofa and get them to pick something out for story-time. Bit of structure and role-play!
  6. @be_super_social said she’s been creating themed-boxes for her kids each day. eg. farm box, sea box, dino box – with various toys/activities in. She also suggested sticking them out in the garden with a bucket full of soapy water and letting them wash-up all their toys.
  7. @spamellab also says her 3 year old loves to play around and mop the deck/kitchen floor!
  8. Kids into dinosaurs? Try these 5 simple messy-play activities to do at home
  9. The National Trust have compiled this list of 50 things to do in your back garden (for those of us lucky enough to have one!).
  10. Gosh we miss our regular visits to Chester Zoo, but it’s great that they have their live feeds and this cool game to keep in touch!
  11. My idea of face-painting from my first blog post is still a winner with my kids!

23 more things to do with kids during lockdown facepaint

Family bonding time

Remember to have some time together, unfocussed and just enjoy. We try to do the following daily, as a family:

  1. 30-40 min family walk/bike-ride (adhering to social distancing rules…obvs!)
  2. Family lunch and/or dinner
  3. Family selfie of the day (or use a polaroid/instax camera) – I plan to print these and make a scrapbook with my eldest

23 more things to do with kids during lockdown family

Want to throw money at the problem like us?

Have a look at some of the things I’ve bought during Lockdown (affiliate link)**
**disclaimer: a lot of these items were bought by the in-laws to help us out from afar! Bless them and bless Amazon!

Still not enough ideas?

Dolly Day Dreams Diary has put together a list of 100+ ideas to keep a family sane while the world is on lockdown!
Just know, you’re not alone in the constant juggle of guilt, boredom, joy, craziness! I hope some of these ideas help you through the rest of lockdown, like they’ll inevitably help me! One day, we’ll look back at this time and lets try and make it full of fond memories if we can.
Stay healthy, Stay safe, Stay indoors. 

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